Xiaomi working on a smartphone with a removable display: Report


Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has patented a new smartphone with a removable display. The patent was filed with CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration) under the title of “two-component phone”, reports LetsGoDigital.

The patent describes a device with two components: the “main part” or the body and a “split part” or the detachable display.

When the display is connected with the body it looks very much like an ordinary smartphone. The patent hints that the removable display can also be used separately without the main body.

At the bottom of the display, one can find connector pins that go inside the other component of the smartphone.

The patent also hints that the display can be used separately without the main body. When the device is not connected, one can see that it has two front cameras with a LED flash.

Recently, the company patented a new smartphone with an all-around screen like Mi Alpha with a single 108MP camera.

The patent was filed by Xiaomi in January but the documentation, as well as images were published last month.

In terms of design, the main display flows over the edges of the device and even loops around to reach the back panel.

On the back, there is a second display that starts just millimeters from where the front one ends.



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