Yash Technologies announces SAP migration factory program 


Yash Technologies has launched of a new program for SAP customers. The SAP Migration Factory, powered by the proprietary NextGen Services and Delivery framework ASCENT, offers an expert range of solutions and services designed to help organizations accelerate digital transformation and maximize return on their SAP investments by migrating their SAP workloads to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The Yash Ascent NextGen services and delivery framework combines the power of AWS and its services, with enhanced automation by YASH’s Cloud Infra, SAP Infra, and DevOps teams, to enable organizations rapidly move their SAP workloads to AWS and manage them with ease. As an Advanced Consulting Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) that has achieved AWS SAP Competency status, YASH combines robust experience in SAP migration to AWS with its in-depth expertise in the implementation and management of SAP systems to deliver outstanding client outcomes.

The YASH Technologies SAP Migration Factory program includes:

Acceleration funding: YASH and AWS offer funding to reduce migration costs, allowing many organizations to move to the cloud with minimal upfront costs. Using the highly regarded YASH methodology for cloud migration, coupled with AWS Savings Plans, will decrease time and cost for organizations wishing to move to AWS but are hesitant due to high investments.

Assessment and Engagement: Efficiently leveraging tools, accelerators, and stakeholder interviews, it lays the roadmap toward predictable outcomes. Customers receive a comprehensive roadmap that outlines workstreams, defines milestones, and establishes the appropriate benchmarks for success while enabling comfort and confidence.

Quickstart – Automated Migration: SAP Migration Factory program leverages CloudEndure by AWS, enhanced with YASH’s proprietary DevOps toolset, to deliver a highly automated migration that reduces risk, time, and costs. It can quickly and successfully migrate customers in six to twelve weeks.

Transformation/Upgrade: To cater to differing needs from lift & shift to upgrades, YASH harnesses scale, proven expertise, and in-depth knowledge to provide customers the ability to handle complex SAP landscape initiatives with ease.

Post Migration Care: Customers need a continually fine-tuned SAP landscape that perfectly harmonizes its infrastructure, operating system, and application layers. As an SAP Managed Services Partner, YASH blends automation, practical experience, and technology to deliver reliable operations and continuous support.

Manoj Baheti, Chief Executive Officer, YASH Technologies, said, “Every organization needs a strong consultative partner who can help clients transform SAP landscapes and accelerate their digital transformation journey. As one of the largest SAP service providers globally with strong AWS platform capabilities, YASH has a proven track record of driving business outcomes for its customers. With the launch of the SAP Migration Factory program, YASH and AWS will strengthen their collaboration to help clients drive productivity and realize their transformation objectives.”


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