Zoom launches the Zoom Partner Demand Center

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The launch of first-ever Zoom Partner Demand Center: a turnkey platform offers a variety of strategies to help you go to market with Zoom.

Powered by StructuredWeb, the Partner Demand Center will provide members of the Zoom partner community with a leading marketing automation platform to expand their Zoom marketing practice. From co-branding and customisation to digital marketing and campaign execution — the Partner Demand Center is a launchpad for building awareness, generating demand, and growing your brand as a Zoom partner.

This solution allows partners to execute customised, multi-touch campaigns directly from the platform. Users can also download the content and assets they need to execute campaigns through their own systems.

The Partner Demand Center offers a wide array of robust functionalities, including:

Email campaigns

Web content syndication

Social media marketing

Events marketing, including webinar syndication

Video marketing

Digital ads and banners


Campaign localisation is also offered in 50+ languages through an integration with Google Translate, allowing partners to translate email campaigns with the click of a button. There are also analytics and reporting capabilities for those hoping to gain insights into lead tracking and campaign success metrics.

The Zoom Partner Demand Center strives to provide our partners with the tools they need to be successful, including resources designed to help users upskill their existing team. These resources include online marketing support, training, and access to our partner marketing concierge service for help with every step of the marketing journey.


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