Cirrologix’s end-to-end solutions help clients reduce their sales cycle

Govind V Rajulu, Director, Cirrologix Technologies

Sustainable growth is among the biggest challenges for companies. Scaling the business is a difficult task and requires considerable effort. But, when it is a company like Cirrologix, which has a clear vision and commendable effort, it’s easier to create products and services of value. Established in 2012, Cirrologix Technologies is a global company working on principles of promoting cloud based technology and limiting carbon footprints by business applications. This Bengaluru based company is dedicated to environmental and sustainability issues, offering viable and scalable technology.

Tailor-made application development
Cirrologix develops software products and offers services of integration, implementation, migration, re-engineering, adoption, training and consultation. It helps companies in extracting the most of Salesforce features. Govind V Rajulu, Director, Cirrologix Technologies says, “As a company, we are in the cloud computing domain. From the first step of deciding on the licenses to the cloud completely, we provide tailor-made application development services, crafted according to the client’s need. We customise Salesforce CRM application according to client requirements and help from conception to operationalising the solution. We provide an end-to-end solution and help clients to reduce their sales cycle.”

Going paperless with “employAstar”
The company has its own end-to-end recruitment product, called “employAstar” that helps to automate the recruitment process by sorting resumes, screening them based on keywords, resume parsing, job posting and interview scheduling, timesheets, invoice module and P&L module, making the software reliable. Communicating with candidates, entering data, handling their interview process and other administrative duties like a timesheet, invoice, etc, helps reduce costs through a paperless recruitment process using the internet.

Advantage cloud environment
Rajulu states, “The cloud environment enhances an organisation’s working efficiency, offering seamless collaboration and communication between employees, customers, and third parties—the cloud computing model provides all players access to data so that they can work simultaneously on projects. The cloud boosts flexibility, enabling employees to become more productive. Users can access business data off-site and work from home, a client location, or anywhere else. This boosts both productivity and employee motivation. Cloud adoption makes it easy for businesses to scale up or down according to their operation and storage requirements. It eliminates the need to upgrade resources as these are provided by the hosting service, easing the process of scaling.”

“Another crucial cloud benefit is data security. The cloud handles enterprise data securely, keeping it safely backed up and fully recoverable to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster. Cloud computing reduces infrastructure costs considerably as it eliminates the need to purchase expensive equipment and systems, maintenance and IT upgrade, consultant fees, energy consumption costs, etc. It also reduces delays as any issues related to these services are resolved quicker. Moreover, the pay-as-you-go model is more cost-efficient. The cloud enables greater business agility as it offers a perfect platform for rapid development, distribution, deployment, and experimentation of new technologies. Enterprises enjoy immediate access to the latest innovative business strategies,” Rajulu adds

Rajulu explains that they adapt according to their client’s requirement. Following the agile approach, they improvise continuously in accordance with the current standards. They believe that technology is constantly improving and will continue with time only to get better.

Key challenge
Reminding that the initial consultation process is a key to a seamless project implementation, Rajulu points out that many times the customer’s key resources change midway and new thought process is brought into the mix by a new person, which delays the implementation. “Many clients are not as much involved during consultation, but start imposing changes once the project starts,” he remarks.

Rajulu mentions, “Out of experience, we try and pre-attempt some of these foreseeable problems and bring them up during the investigative stage itself and get the clients to concur on the same. Delayed involvement of the customer during implementation extends the project time and hence costs, this becomes a sore pout towards the end of the project. So we try and constantly remind of the cost over-runs on an ongoing basis and keep all key people informed in writing from time to time.”

Upgradation of skills
Rajulu believes that constant upgradation of skills at all levels is of utmost importance. The company constantly encourages its teams to gain as much exposure as possible to develop new and relevant skills. “Upskilling always brings additional revenue to the company and also delights the customer. We constantly have training programmes to upgrade skills and encourage employees to take up certain programmes,” he adds.

Future road map
In the last few years, the company has been able to achieve many important milestones. Being associated with over 40 new clients in a span of two years is the highlight of its growth. With new technology driven projects, on an average Cirrologix sees 40 per cent profit margins. In the future, it is moving more towards a product based company. “We feel that offering a product to resolve a business problem will enable long-term engagement with a client,” states Rajulu.


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