CMS IT Services add service capabilities to tap new customers

Anurag Mehrotra, CEO, CMS IT Services

CMS IT Services, a leading managed IT services and system integration company has deepened its relationship with its customers during the pandemic. The South India based SI has extended its support to customers transition in new normal. Post-Covid, the company sees two things happen, one was its business with existing customers scaled up as customer confidence in its capability has increased. Secondly, it expects new customer acquisition especially those customers who have been unhappy with existing vendor performance during this period. Interestingly, there are multiple such conversations which the company is currently discussing.

Nevertheless, the company also made several recent wins including a large life insurer selected to manage their country-wide network, another win was a multinational-bank signed CMS IT to manage their entire infrastructure services and select applications. Even, a mid-sized bank from South India selected CMS to run their Infrastructure Managed Services operation nationally. An Oil major also selected the company to build their private cloud.

Sharing the impact of Covid, Anurag Mehrotra, CEO, CMS IT Services told CRN India, “Resiliency of organisations and their partners have been tested owing to this crisis. The immediate impact was to move employees and vendors to operate from their homes securely. We were already doing remote services for our customers and accordingly had invested in technologies and processes to be able to deliver these services. This proved to be very handy and valuable. All we had to do was scale it up and we were able to do it quite seamlessly and efficiently. We are able to leverage the existing remote services delivery experience to all other aspects of our operations.”

Pre-Covid, the CMS value proposition was centred around automation and remote services. Post Covid, the SI came in for sharper focus and the value proposition was enhanced. “We are now building capability to take this to the next level with a major focus on remote managed services, cloud and cyber security. We plan to enhance focus on cloud services, leveraging the latest technologies including AI-Ops, Robotic Process Automation, BOT Platforms, CyberOps solutions and more,” Mehrotra concludes.



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