NetApp integrates ‘Data Economics’ as a key ingredient for partner’s success

Uttam Majumdar, Co-founder & President, Locuz Enterprise Solutions

Hyderabad based Locuz Enterprise Solutions has been at forefront of driving ‘Data Economics’ for its customers to its optimal use

Given the increasing role of data to create, transfer and store value, now is the right time to define a similar set of principles to ensure its optimal use. NetApp believe that ‘Data Economics’ is the science that can help companies define their expertise in the collection, storage, deployment and use of this data. Hence, the company has integrated ‘Data Economics’ basis the pillars through which it has further strengthen its existing Unified Partner Program, UPP. The new updates to UPP will make it easier to do business with NetApp. More importantly, it serves as a clear roadmap for alignment with NetApp and the emerging roles of an OEM and its partner community.

Ganesan Arumugam, Director – Channels, NetApp India

“There are four key pillars basis which we have updated our Unified Partner Program. We have simplified our programs wherein all the complications are removed and made simple and get some rebate percentage. Another major thing which we have done is not only to the partner organization but also to the partner sales team, we have bought in the incentive program for bringing opportunities. Above all, we have embedded Data Economics as a key ingredient for our channel partner’s success. Moreover, we are training our partners and providing them with a platform from where they can guide their customers to turn their data into a ‘proactive’ differentiating asset,” informs Ganesan Arumugam, Director – Channels, NetApp India.

There are many tools that come natively for economics, but being able to do intelligent automation, bringing some level of hyper-automation, running templates, being able to drive these templates at appropriate times to reprovision consumption is going to bring the cost down. And that’s something a partner like Locuz have been demonstrating to customers.

Sharing a deeper perspective on ‘Data Economics’ Uttam Majumdar, Co-founder & President, Locuz Enterprise Solutions, one of the major partners of NetApp says, “Data Economics is a very pertinent question in every single engagement that we have with our customers, who’s been consuming the cloud for some time, especially those customers who have gained some level of maturity in how they’ve been consuming resources on the cloud. NetApp provides tools to do these assessments. We have our own standalone tools, those tools complimentary along with NetApp tools, these tools help us to assessments do extrapolation of information as to how consumption would happen in the future years, then drive economics.”

The speed and accuracy with which data can be accessed represents a key factor in determining its economic value.

Hyderabad based Locuz, a cloud provider has done about 150 journeys with customers, half of them are mature. “The rate at which we are onboarding businesses on hyper scalers is very fast. That’s the fastest-growing business within Locuz. So, we’ve been doing onboarding of businesses at a rate of like, six, seven customers every month, that’s been the speed. And these are net new ones, especially ones that are digital native, the conversation begins right at the start point where they are starting to talk about migration, they were starting to stitch a native solution on Cloud, we are saying here’s a reason why you should also consider economics right at the beginning. We have huge potential of these capabilities being accepted by customers, I see a trend where customers will be mature with us for some years now starting to actually deploy some of these capabilities in their environments,” Majumdar explains.


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