FireEye announces next-gen server protection capabilities


FireEye has announced the availability of two new software releases for enhanced detection and investigation of advanced attacks against servers. The FireEye “Network Security 8.3” and FireEye “Endpoint Security 4.8” work together to enhance detection and investigation capabilities, protecting Cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployments against emerging attacks.

“Servers are highly targeted by adversaries using the most sophisticated techniques,” Grady Summers, CTO at FireEye, said in a statement. “Our platform capabilities combine detection and visibility across the network and endpoint to quickly find threats targeting Windows or Linux based servers,” Summers added.

Web shells, ransomware, cryptomining, botnets and shell scripts enable attackers to keep a low profile in the system until they are ready to execute their attack.

Getting visibility into the early stages of the attack lifecycle is critical to protecting business infrastructure. The latest updates to the FireEye platform allow organizations to detect, investigate and remediate these advanced attacks in days or hours instead of weeks or months.

“Web shells are one of the most common pathways into the network, and we’ve implemented new defenses to protect against these attacks,” said Summers.



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