Juniper Networks expands connected security portfolio


Juniper Networks has announced encrypted traffic analysis for Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) Cloud and SRX Series firewalls, as well as the integration of SecIntel to the Mist platform for wireless access. With these additions to the Juniper Connected Security solution portfolio, Juniper delivers a complete offering to secure all traffic within an organisation, whether encrypted or unencrypted, throughout all parts of the network, whether access, campus, WAN or data centre.

Encrypted traffic analysis
Encrypted traffic analysis is the latest feature to Juniper ATP Cloud and SRX Series firewalls, capable of detecting malicious botnet traffic that is “going dark” via encryption. It permits organizations greater visibility and policy control over encrypted traffic, without requiring resource-intensive SSL Decryption. For customers running Juniper SRX firewalls, it also does not require additional hardware or network changes to set up and manage.

Industry analyst firm Omdia estimates that as much as 70–80% of enterprise inbound network traffic is now encrypted, which is up approximately 20% from three years ago*. As decryption is fast becoming a technical challenge with the adoption of Transport Layer Security 1.3, traditional information security tools cannot readily identify threats hiding in encrypted traffic. To effectively detect threats — such as botnets — hiding within encrypted traffic, Juniper’s encrypted traffic analysis allows for meaningful inspection by detecting traffic patterns. In addition, in combination with technologies like SecIntel, encrypted traffic analysis provides a layered security approach that helps organizations reduce and manage risk.

Expansion of SecIntel to Mist
SecIntel for Mist represents a major step toward complete integration of wireless access into the Juniper Connected Security strategy. Mist customers can now get threat alerts detected by Juniper SRX Series Firewalls and ATP Cloud, allowing administrators to quickly assess security risks when users and devices connect to wireless networks and take appropriate action via the Mist cloud or APIs, such as quarantining or enforcing policies.

This adds another layer of security to the robust mechanisms already in place within the Mist WLAN platform and builds upon Juniper’s vision of a Threat-Aware Network that leverages AI in IT for tighter security, lower operational costs and optimized user experiences.

“To achieve the best results for our customers, we must take advantage of existing network infrastructure to create a Threat-Aware Network. Today, I am proud to announce that Juniper Connected Security is bringing even more security intelligence to the network through the detection of threats inside encrypted traffic and the integration of security intelligence into Mist. This builds on our Connected Security strategy, adding to the capabilities announced in 2019 where we expanded SecIntel capabilities across our MX Series routers and QFX and EX Series switches to enable all users, applications and infrastructures to be safeguarded across all points of connection on the network,” said Samantha Madrid, VP of Security Business and Strategy, Juniper Networks.

“As a leader in services procurement solutions, Beeline relies on Juniper Connected Security to safeguard its SaaS solutions, as well as its customers and employees, against advanced threats. The flexibility of Juniper’s solutions enables our IT team to deploy new security features based on customer needs. We are excited about the new encrypted traffic analysis offering and additional security for Mist that will allow us to provide even more security to network traffic and infrastructure,” said Jason Philp, Director of Infrastructure, Beeline.

“Encrypted traffic analysis is a critical capability that the industry needs now more than ever before and deserves consideration as a key component of a contemporary enterprise network and security portfolio,” said Eric Parizo, Senior Analyst, Omdia



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