Trend Micro strengthens security cameras by blocking 5 million attack attempts

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Trend Micro has announced it has blocked five million attempted cyber attacks against IP cameras in five months. Through its partnership with VIVOTEK, a global IP security solution provider, Trend Micro’s IoT security solutions are embedded in globally deployed IP cameras to provide superior protection.

By analysing data from 7,000 anonymously aggregated IP cameras, Trend Micro found that the IP-based surveillance industry is fighting massive cyber attacks, but few countermeasures have been taken by the majority.

As a step to mitigate this risk, Trend Micro’s IoT Reputation Service is embedded in VIVOTEK IP cameras, resulting in surveillance devices equipped with hosted IPS and brute force attack protection. The devices are also backed by a cyber threat intelligence network, which provides more efficient protection against all known threats.

“More verticals are seeking connected, AI-powered video surveillance applications causing a clear paradigm shift from a relatively closed-off network to a more interconnected network operated heavily by cloud-based technologies. Due to this shift in the landscape, manufacturers and users must pay attention to the security of these IoT devices, and Trend Micro is committed to securing today’s increasingly connected environment,” said Oscar Chang, Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer, Trend Micro.

From Trend Micro’s analysis, 75 per cent of all blocked cyber attack incidents were brute force login attempts. Compromised passwords can immediately lead to a breach of content, and opens the door for further system exploitation. Based on this aggregated security data, there is a clear pattern that malicious attackers are targeting IP surveillance devices with common malware, such as Mirai variants, as well as known system vulnerabilities.

“While the industry has known about cyber risks, manufacturers have been unable to properly address the risk without knowing the root cause and attack methods. VIVOTEK has invested extensive resources into developing a holistic solution for cyber security management, allowing users to quickly respond to threats when encountered and minimise the related cyber risks. We will continue working with Trend Micro to provide reliable solutions to customers worldwide,” said Dr Steve Ma, Vice President of Engineering, Brand Business Group for VIVOTEK.

To help mitigate the potential impact of IoT-based threats, Trend Micro suggests a shared responsibility model for all parties involved in video surveillance.

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