Driving growth with cutting-edge identity platform

Rakesh Soni, CEO, LoginRadius

LoginRadius Partner Program is enabling channel partners build a new line of business around Customer Identity

LoginRadius is an enterprise-grade identity platform serving over 3,000 businesses with a monthly reach of one billion users worldwide. Based in Jaipur and Vancouver Canada, LoginRadius was founded by Rakesh Soni and Deepak Gupta. The brand’s cloud-hosted service provides the platform to securely manage and transact with billions of customer identities while keeping privacy and compliance regulations in mind. “This platform helps companies deliver a connected customer experience, create an integrated marketing ecosystem, and centralise customer data to define a unified profile and better manage their customer identities,” says Rakesh Soni, CEO, LoginRadius.

Soni explians that Loginradius was started with the mission to ‘simplify’ the way in which businesses and their customers, from around the world, can effectively and efficiently connect in this age of globalisation. The company largely focuses on PSUs, large enterprises and enterprise B2C companies as their target customer segment. “Most of our clients are growing, especially those in the media and publications, retail and consumer, and travel and hospitality sectors, and LoginRadius recognises the need for a highly scalable and adaptable platform that can grow with them,” adds Soni.

Leveraging over 200 pre-built integrations and CIAM-focused data security, LoginRadius enables businesses with unified customer registration, login, and self-service experience. Soni informs that the company’s cloud-hosted service provides the platform to securely manage and transact with billions of customer identities while keeping privacy and compliance regulations, such as GDPR, in mind. The LoginRadius platform is currently managing 1 billion logins and over 6.5 billion API calls every month, along with which they have delivered an industry-record peak load of 150,000 logins and signups per second. The company has also added six new data centres in the last one year, with a total of 35 data centres worldwide and achieved 100 per cent DNS uptime.

Partner Program

Speaking about the channel strategy Soni says, “Our program is designed by keeping in mind that we believe in working as one team with our partners. A simple and thorough onboarding process ensures maximum engagement for our partner from the start to results. Tailored training programs are included to ensure all levels of partners are prepared to uncover new opportunities, address product questions and issues and to deploy a leading edge CIAM solution.” In addition, all the partners get access to LoginRadius’ Partner Portal and are able to utilise various resources including sales, marketing, customer success, engineering and executive leadership can be made available as needed to ensure the success of the partnership. The program is well tested and structured. It has demonstrated significant value addition for both partners as well as for the customers

The Partner Program is for small consulting shops to large business enterprises that span the globe in the areas of digital, marketing, IT services, technology and various others. Partners capitalise on the benefits of the program to help them build a new line of business around Customer Identity, or add to their existing Identity line of solutions,” states Soni, adding that Customer Identity is the next big thing and the program benefits those who are dedicated to driving additional revenue for their companies, along with acting as a trusted advisor by recommending, or reselling one of the top customer identity solutions in the market. Those LoginRadius Partners who engage fully end up developing the expertise needed to stand out in this quickly evolving marketplace.

LoginRadius’ robust and industry leading Identity Platform has been helping thousands of businesses drive growth. With our Channel Partner Program, we want to help even more businesses worldwide, and develop a new practice around identity market that is expected to be $22B by 2022,” affirms Soni.

The program is designed to drive accelerated revenue and opportunities for channel sales partners such as: value-added resellers, solution providers, system integrators and consultants as well as technology partners.



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