IoT platform for automating logistics and transport

Rohit Chaturvedi, CEO, Transport Hub

How an IoT powered digital logistics assistant by Indian startup, Transport Hub, is helping everyone at the supply chain take decisions to achieve long term business goals

Transport Hub is a digital logistics assistant which uses IoT (Internet of Things) for logistics and transport. The bootstrapped startup was setup in 2016, with an initial investment of US$ one million. The company offers integrated solutions like Vehicle Optimisation & Profitability Solutions (VOPS), Improvement in Cold Chain Efficiency (ICE), Warehousing and Transportation Turnaround Solutions (WATTS), Technology enabled Real-Time Inventory Management (TRIM) for industries ranging from transportation, to retail, e-commerce to banking, pharmaceuticals to BPO, FMCG to automobile, and others. is a SaaS based first technology platform for surface transport. It is powered by intelligent algorithms, analytics and IoT. The platform automates the entire transportation chain from dispatch, planning to delivery,” says Rohit Chaturvedi, CEO, Transport Hub.

A few key customers of the company include Adani Wilmar Limited, Shree Renuka Sugars, Kanchan Pharma, Vadilal, Sakata Seeds, etc. Chaturvedi informs that his company provides them seamlessly integrated tech enabled IoT solutions to help them minimise their overall costs and scale up their businesses.

Reminding that the most crucial benefit for businesses by using the IoT based platform is that one saves upto 18 per cent on their overall logistics costs, he states, “Our service also helps them collect real-time data from across the supply chain, these datas are then converted into insights which are easily actionable. This empowers everyone at the supply chain to take decisions to achieve the long term business goals.”

Speaking about the channel marketing strategy, Chaturvedi shares that his company is currently focussing on the B2B segment through thought leadership and proactive problem solving. “Our primary channel is consultative direct selling and we are open to new channels and strategies in the future. However, we have also started looking for channel partners with software and IoT product selling experience in India who can deliver what we want to create a widespread awareness about,” he states.

Chaturvedi believes that channels partners come in as handy resource for tech startups and can help them scale their business in less time. “For the products which are easy to understand and don’t require much customisation, for them the channel partners are an excellent way to scale fast. “However, there has to be adequate initial traction to showcase tangible benefits to the channel partners and systematically grow in scale with regards to production or procurement or sales,” he adds.

Future plans include focus on brand building and geographical expansion plan. The company is also in talks with few system integrators to create value for their clients. Chaturvedi believes that the knowledge of tech-integrated automation of logistics and transport industry is a much needed at this hour but its articulation is slow but gradual. There is a need to reach out to customers and explain why they need to automate their systems and their work to get optimal outputs from their business models.

Transport Hub plans to reach out to as many businesses as possible. “We also wish to spread awareness about how our products will help them maximise business outputs and this certainly cannot be realised with our network of dealers, retailers and affiliates who make work easy for us even in remote corners we would not have access to,” mentions Chaturvedi. The startup is looking for sales partners for two of its products viz- Vehicle Identification and Tracking product- TOP, and IoT based cold chain automation tool- ICE.

Affirming that innovation is a way of life at Transport Hub, Chaturvedi shares, “We believe in creating new technology to automate businesses and help them achieve their long term business goals. To bring to light this fact, we have a patent for the product – ICE, a digital cold chain assistant useful for cold chains and warehousing related businesses.” The solution helps automate cold chain operations to reduce losses upto 15 per cent. It helps maintain an optimal temperature when the shipment is on the move, and enables location update and temperature regulation of the cold storages. This gives an instant alert on the mobile device, if the system is even tampered with – this lets the customer have complete control over the system.


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