The power of transformative HR tech

Shriram Viswanathan, Co- founder, SCIKEY

Using AI and transformative solutions in human capital space, HR tech startup SCIKEY is investing in building strong channel partnerships and cross-platform partnerships globally

Pune headquartered enterprise-tech (HR) startup, SCIKEY, is focused on delivering transformative results in the human capital space. SCIKEY is the abbreviation for “Scientific keys to a person’s mind”, and SCIKEY MindMatch algorithm is being used to match the behavioural part of job fitment of any individual and in Talent Alignment platform, it is the core engine. “SCIKEY runs an end-to-end online platform that caters to the talent needs of businesses to hire, align and engage talent for best productivity and a happier workforce harnessing the power of SCIKEY MindMatch algorithm that helps read the mindset of individuals and predicts their behaviour in a professional setup,” says Shriram Viswanathan, Co- founder, SCIKEY. He adds that the platform today has 1.5 million plus listed job-seekers and contractors, 3000 plus active jobs or work assignments, 1400 plus virtual recruiters and talent supply partners across India, Malaysia and Finland; along with a growing base of clients.

“Our ideal target audience is the businesses who truly believe that their “people or talent” is their biggest strength as well as their business advantage and hence they don’t shy away from investing in modern upcoming 21s century talent solutions; doesn’t matter what size they are or industry they operate in. Our platform is totally industry agnostic and services clients from airlines, banking and insurance, media and entertainment, logistics, software technology products and services, global MNCs, funded-start-ups etc,” explains Viswanathan.

He points out that they were fortunate to get an opportunity to present SCIKEY at the United Nations (Geneva) twice as well as in a few other leading industry events; and got their first few clients from the references that they built there. “A few of the common benefits cited by the users of our product are – significant reduction in the cost-per-hire, improved pace of talent acquisition (for hiring and contracting both), highly elevated experience for the hiring managers, recruiters as well as candidates resulting into a highly positive branding for the organisation and its hiring process, etc. Our Talent Alignment solution on the other hand utilises the human mindset data to help solve other bigger problems like succession planning, attrition prediction and management, change management, etc., for the businesses of various sizes and shapes,” mentions Viswanathan.

The company is currently focused on creating a large virtual network of “talent supply” companies on its platform and organisations in allied businesses like payroll management, learning and development providers, training firms, HR consulting firms, resellers of other software products, specialist providers in the digital and HR transformation space, etc.

“We have a strong belief in collaboration and therefore we are investing to build very strong channel partnerships as well as cross-platform partnerships globally. We already have more than 1000 virtual business partners in our talent supply marketplace and this number is growing significantly month-on-month,” he affirms, adding that they are also testing some cross-platform partnerships with other fast-growing tech startups, that could be of mutual benefit.

Speaking about how startups can leverage the channel partner network, he says, “With the business environment undergoing rapid changes, ever increasing cost of doing business and most importantly the dearth of the “right talent” and the limited ability of the startups to attract that talent, makes it a good case for leveraging the channel partner network for sales across India, without really committing to very large expenses to the balance-sheet. However, it is important for the startups to identify and work with partners that are a logical fit to their business and vice-versa. It is of significance for the parties to complement each other’s business for the partnership to really work and one way of identifying this is to see if there is a logical scope for forward or backward integration. Once the channel partners are identified it is of paramount importance to train and equip them with enough knowledge and content about your product/ service that makes them comfortable carrying it to the market on your behalf,” says Viswanathan, adding that finally, the most important aspect of a successful channel strategy is the relationship element. The better the relationship between the startup and its channel partners, the better will be the outcomes for both the parties and also this will improve the C-SAT score for the end customers.



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