Samsung to support 5 new startups by company workers


South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics has announced to support five startups that were created by company employees as part of the company’s C-Lab Inside in-house incubation program.

First startup is Blockbuster, a video editing application that allows content creators to easily apply computer graphics (CG) and 3D effects to videos with their smartphones.

Second is Hyler, it is a smart highlighter that allows analog text to be digitized and transferred to mobile devices.

Third startup is Haxby, a smart study note service that records incorrect answers from workbooks and recommends worksheets based on the learner’s ability level, said the company.

Fourth one is SunnyFive, a window-shaped lighting device that produces artificial sunlight. Helps users synthesize vitamin D while they are indoors without having to worry about skin aging or sunburn

Last one is RootSensor – a new type of sensor that records daily UV exposure and utilizes its wide incident angle to minimize detection loss.

Started in December 2012, C-Lab Inside nurtures employees’ innovative ideas while instilling a corporate culture in which creativity is at the fore.

“To date, 163 employees have established 45 startups since the inception of the C-Lab programme. Not only have these companies raised $45 million in funding over the years, but their value has more than tripled compared to the time at which they were spun off,” the company said.



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