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Kaspersky report: Third-party incidents became most costly enterprise data breaches in 2021

The latest edition of Kaspersky’s annual IT Security Economics report reveals the growing severity of cybersecurity incidents affecting businesses through suppliers that they share...
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96% of Indian enterprises are adopting Zero Trust security architecture: Zscaler Study

Zscaler found that more than 96% of Indian IT leaders who have started their migration to the cloud have implemented, are implementing, or are planning...

REVA University ties up with Salesforce to strengthen the connected student experience

REVA University, a private State University in Bengaluru with state-of-the-art technology in India announced that it will be leveraging Salesforce to further strengthen its...

Wipro appoints Badri Srinivasan to lead its India and Southeast Asia Businesses

Wipro announced that Badri Srinivasan will lead the India and Southeast Asia businesses under the company’s APMEA (Asia Pacific, Middle East, India and Africa)...
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