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Harnessing high-performance computing in driving generative AI

By Dr. Sayed Peerzade, EVP & Chief Cloud Officer, Yotta Data Services High-Performance Computing as-a-Service provides a significant amount of computational power and resources to...

Facebook malware campaign exploiting ChatGPT’s popularity: CloudSEK investigation

CloudSEK researchers have exposed nefarious tactics employed by threat actors to hijack Facebook accounts and misuse the popularity of ChatGPT to spread malware. The finding...

GitHub launches Copilot X, AI-powered developer experience

GitHub, the world’s largest software development collaboration platform, announced the launch of GitHub Copilot X, the company’s vision for the future of AI-powered software...

ChatGPT: A tool for offensive cyber operations?! Not so fast!

By John Borrero Rodriguez To ChatGPT or to not ChatGPT? That is a predominant question in the cyber landscape these days. It’s no surprise that...

Velocity introduces its ChatGPT powered AI assistant, a Bengaluru based fintech has launched chatbot tool that is integrated with ChatGPT. Velocity has integrated this latest advancement in artificial intelligence with...
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Tata Communications hosted SASE redefines next-gen networking & security

Tata Communications announced the launch of its Unified/ Single-Vendor Hosted Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) for global enterprises. In partnership with Versa Networks, a...

Cisco launches Meraki India region to enhance secure networking and enable data localization

Cisco announced it is doubling down on its commitment to India’s digitization by launching Cisco Meraki India Region, a new cloud region that is...
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Netskope threat labs: Threat actors hone in on cloud apps in the telecoms industry

Netskope Threat Labs published its latest research report, revealing an increasing trend of attackers abusing popular enterprise apps to deliver malware to victims in...
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