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Cheap, independently produced ‘Junk Gun’ ransomware infiltrates the dark web, Sophos finds

Sophos released a new report titled, “’Junk Gun’ Ransomware: Peashooters Can Still Pack a Punch,” which offers new insights into an emergent threat in...

Gold Rush on the Dark Web: Threat Actors Target Twitter Gold Accounts

CloudSEK's latest research uncovers a troubling trend indicating a surge in compromised Twitter account sales with the coveted "Gold" verification badge on dark web marketplaces and forums.

Ransomware payments hit new records in 2021 as Dark Web leaks climbed: Palo Alto...

Ransomware payments hit new records in 2021 as cybercriminals increasingly turned to Dark Web “leak sites” where they pressured victims to pay up by...

Hackers create specialised economy around hijacked email data

Hackers have created a specialised economy around email account takeover via methods like brand impersonation, social engineering and spear-phishing, retaining the data for long...

Hacker made $1.5mn by selling backdoor access of 135 top firms

A most notorious hacker attacked at least 135 companies in 44 countries, some even Fortune 500 ones, and made over $1.5 million by selling...

Data of 142mn MGM hotel guests selling on Dark Web for Rs 2 lakh

Touted as one of the biggest data breaches, hackers are now selling personal details of over 142 million guests, who stayed at the MGM...

Database of key Dark Web hosting provider hacked

In a classing case of hacker breaking into another hacking service, a cybercriminal has leaked online the database of the largest free web-hosting provider...

Indian Truecaller users’ data on sale, company denies breach

After an online intelligence firm flagged that a cybercriminal was selling Truecaller records of 4.75 crore Indians on dark web for just about Rs...

Personal data of 40 million Wishbone app users hacked

Personal data from nearly 40 million users of popular voting app Wishbone has been hacked which is available for free download on a hacking...

2.9 crore Indian job seekers’ data leaked on Dark Web: Report

In a startling revelation, cybersecurity researchers have claimed that a hacker has posted personal details of nearly 2.9 crore Indian job seekers at one...
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