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DIGISOL introduces DITT, a new certification and training institution for partners and SIs

In a bid to empower partners, DIGISOL Systems has launched a new certification and training institution Digisol Institution of Technical Training (DITT) for partners...

Digisol launches DG-GS1528HP/C Switch, specially designed for smart cities and surveillance applications

In a bid to address the growing networking demands of smart cities, DIGISOL Systems has launched a Smart Switch- DG-GS1528HP/C featuring 6KV surge protection....

DIGISOL appoints Prashant Shanbhag as Regional Manager, Distribution for North & West Region

DIGISOL Systems has appointed Prashant Shanbhag as Regional Manager Distribution for North & West Region. He will be responsible for developing sales strategies and...

Digisol appoints Samir Kamat as Head of Systems Engineering India

DIGISOL Systems has appointed Samir Kamat as Head of Systems Engineering Department wherein he will function as "Technology Evangelist" for DIGISOL 2.0. In his...

Digisol conducts partner council meet in Goa

Digisol Systems has conducted two days Partner Council Meet in Goa with keyline distributors. The agenda of the meet was to inform the distributors...

DIGISOL Systems announces appointment of Devendra Kamtekar as CEO

DIGISOL Systems, a subsidiary of SMARTLINK Holdings, has appointed Devendra Kamtekar as CEO of the company. In this role, he will be responsible for...

Digisol introduces its first PoE+ Cat 6 Solder-less Patch Panel

Digisol Systems has added a high-performance, PoE+ compatible Cat 6 Solder-less Patch Panel - DGC-PP6U2L-1B-SL to its enterprise cabling series. The newly launched PoE+...

Digisol unveils next-gen GPON router

Digisol Systems has announced the launch of Digisol DG-GR4342L, a 300Mbps Wi-Fi router designed for FTTH ultra-broadband access and triple play service for home and SOHO users

For Digisol Systems, 5G will play a key role on the business front

Mandar Joshi, VP – Sales, Digisol Systems, shares the company's channel strategies for 2019

Digisol launches web-managed Gigabit Ethernet PoE Switch with SFP slots

In a bid to address the growing networking demands for IP surveillance and Wi-Fi networks, Digisol Systems has unveiled DG-GS1512HP – a web managed...

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