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Where is your data? You’ll find out in 2021 (One Way or the Other)

Data loss is damaging to business, and in order to stop that loss, we need to know exactly where our data is, on a minute-by-minute basis

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Soldiers can silently communicate using brain signals in future

The US Army in collaboration with multiple universities is researching ‘telepathic brain signal communication technology for soldiers that could help them silently communicate in...

SMBs that quickly disclose hacking face 40% less financial loss

The small and medium businesses (SMBs) that decide to voluntarily inform about a data breach, on average, are likely to lose 40 per cent...

Hacker selling CEO, CFO email accounts for as less as Rs 7,400

A hacker is selling passwords for the Microsoft email accounts of hundreds of top-level executives including CEOs, CFOs and CMOs on the Dark Web...
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