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Trellix advanced research center discovers new privilege escalation bug class on macOS and iOS

Since the first version of iOS on the original iPhone, Apple has enforced careful restrictions on the software that can run on their mobile...

BD Software Distribution ties up with Chimpa UEM+MTD all-in-one platform

BD Software Distribution Pvt. Ltd., a leading value-added software distributor of IT products and services, and Xnoova Srl, the owner of the innovative UEM+MTD...

GoTo acquires Miradore

GoTo, the all-in-one business communications and IT support platform announced that it had completed the deal to acquire cloud-based device management provider Miradore. The close...

Hirect’s latest feature allows users to search for jobs nearby

Hirect, the chat-based direct hiring platform for startups and SMEs, has recently launched a new update to their existing application that will enable candidates...

New Facebook app to let you predict about world events

Facebook has announced to soon launch Forecast, an iOS app that will create a community around predictions related to world events including the Covid-19...

Indian developers create next-gen iOS apps for remote working

At a time when focus is on ensuring seamless remote working in the social distancing times, Indian developers have created some world-class apps for...

New ‘jailbreak’ tool to unlock iPhone released by hackers

An iPhone hacking team has released a new “jailbreak” tool that allows even the users of the latest version of iOS to install any...

Apple aims to let users unlock iPhone while wearing a mask

Apple has reportedly introduced a new Face ID feature to unlock the iPhone without having to take off the face mask, in the latest...

Weekly Tech News Roundup – March 2020 Week 2 | 13 Mar 2020

A Roundup of the weekly tech news and updates brought to you by Express Computer and CRN India
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GitHub Copilot Enterprise is now generally available

GitHub, announced that GitHub Copilot is now generally available. Since the early days of GitHub Copilot, customers have asked for a copilot that is customised to their own organization’s code and processes.

Charting the Digital Horizon – The Future of IT in 2024 and Beyond

In 2024 and beyond, the IT industry is poised for innovation and transformation. From exciting innovations and opportunities to newfound challenges, the ever-evolving technological landscape will bring an entirely new spectrum of change

The rising popularity of android POS systems: A game-changer for businesses

Point-of-sale (POS) software is crucial for running businesses in retail, restaurants, supermarkets, Kirana Stores, and many more businesses. Traditionally, POS systems relied on proprietary hardware and software that were expensive and inflexible. However, in recent years, Android-based POS systems running on off-the-shelf tablets, smartphones, and screens of varied sizes have been rapidly gaining market share over traditional POS systems.
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