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Why You Should Use the Managed Browser Policy Installation for LastPass

When choosing how to deploy LastPass, IT teams must balance their own needs with employees’ expectations. On the one hand, IT will want to...

Eliminate the need for a VPN or remote login with LogMeIn Central

Whether you are working remotely or just trying to manage a dispersed IT infrastructure, it is essential to keep you endpoints both secure and...

How to Choose a Password Manager

Passwords are often the only thing standing between your data and everyone else, so it’s important to use strong passwords for every single online...

Higher ED IT pros: don’t use online meeting tools for remote support (or why...

While short-term workarounds may have made sense in the chaotic early days of the pandemic, it’s time to take a longer term approach to managing remote support

11 tips to keep employees secure

Cyber attacks have increased dramatically since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic – up at least 37% in the past month alone. User error,...

Planning for your work from anywhere future

LogMeIn, is committed to staying at the forefront of that change with you.

A Guide to Staying Secure While Working Remote

(By Gerry Beuchelt, CISO, LogMeIn) As concerns of COVID-19 continue to rise, millions of employees are transitioning into the largest remote workforce the world has...

While Remote Working to Stay, Security, Scalability a Major Concern: LogMeIn

LogMeIn, Inc. a player in empowering the work-from-anywhere era with solutions such as GoTo, LastPass, and Rescue, has announced results of a global study...

Why the Future is Passwordless

By Gerald Beuchelt, Chief Information Security Officer at LogMeIn As the world continues to adapt to the pandemic, many organizations have opted to keep their...

Why 98% of IT Leaders Are Consolidating Remote Work Tools

Now, three-in-five organizations are increasing investment in remote work tools in the next 12 months for an average of +21% increased spend.
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Tata Communications hosted SASE redefines next-gen networking & security

Tata Communications announced the launch of its Unified/ Single-Vendor Hosted Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) for global enterprises. In partnership with Versa Networks, a...

Cisco launches Meraki India region to enhance secure networking and enable data localization

Cisco announced it is doubling down on its commitment to India’s digitization by launching Cisco Meraki India Region, a new cloud region that is...
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Netskope threat labs: Threat actors hone in on cloud apps in the telecoms industry

Netskope Threat Labs published its latest research report, revealing an increasing trend of attackers abusing popular enterprise apps to deliver malware to victims in...
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