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New-age cybersecurity company Kratikal unveils email authentication and anti-spoofing product, ‘KDMARC’

Kratikal has launched an email authentication and anti-spoofing tool, KDMARC, which authenticates emails based on security protocols in the email domain to increase email...

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Poly Introduces Poly Medialign, An Integrated Video Solution for Modern Conference Rooms

Poly Medialign delivers the latest Poly MeetingAI functionality including automatic speaker tracking, group framing, Acoustic Fence and NoiseBlock to suppress background noise and ensure that meeting participants can focus on what matters.

The NetApp Excellerator Program Rocket-Fuels B2B Tech Startup Ecosystem with Cohort Five

The program has so far mentored 29 B2B technology startups through five cohorts and has evolved to focus on a sponsored proof-of-concept (PoC) model

Weekly Tech News Roundup – January 2020 Week 4 | 24 Jan 2020

A Roundup of the weekly tech news and updates brought to you by Express Computer and CRN India