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Qlik intends to make analytics a new economy

Seeing the quantum jump in voluminous of data being analysed and large organisations becoming more digital and agile, Qlik India, a data analytics and...

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Infosys to code digital applications to US-based Arlanxeo

Global software major Infosys would code software for digital applications for the US-based Arlanxeo, a market leader in synthetic elastomers. Elastomers are rubber-like materials...

SonicWall leads Series A funding in Zero Trust Security Provider Perimeter 81

SonicWall has announced that it is leading the Series A funding round of Perimeter 81, the leading Zero Trust Secure Network as a Service...

81% of Indian businesses welcome day-to-day immersion in virtual and augmented realities

Dell Technologies released the Future of Connected Living - new research exploring how emerging technologies will transform how we live by the year 2030....