20% of the top BFSI companies choose SYSTECH to protect data

Jitesh T Dave, Director – Sales, SYSTECH Technocraft Services

Having an unrivalled expertise, combined with unparalleled customer support, SYSTECH Technocraft Services prefers to offer its customers a range of the most reliable and effective solutions from which, together, it can cherry-pick the best solution for each situation

By Jitesh T Dave

In the time where we experience change and security threat on daily basis, you may not have heard of SYSTECH Technocraft Services, but it’s likely that we’ve already been keeping your data safe somewhere in the world. We are currently suppliers to five of the 10 top banks, six of the top 10 insurance companies and two of India’s three leading credit information organisations. We are independent specialists and distributors in Managed File Data Protection. In a world where data travels between people, organisations, countries and continents all of the time, we protect it at every step of our ‘Protect, Detect, Respond’ cycle, advising, installing and maintaining software and systems that protect data throughout its life, wherever it travels.

We have unrivalled expertise, combined with unparalleled customer support – this has been the primary reason why 20 per cent of the top companies in BFSI sector have chosen to trust SYSTECH to advise them on how to protect their data.

We are independent and offer an open, honest and timely service providing completely unbiased advice to our customers. We prefer to offer our customers a range of the most reliable and effective solutions from which, together, we can cherry-pick the best solution for each situation.

Our independence means our customers come to us as trusted advisors, whether they want us to review and shortlist solutions, implement new software or just advise on extending their existing protection. When it comes to helping our customers grow, we are always on-hand to provide support for bids and proposals, identifying and resolving potential threats to success when landing new clients and nurturing existing ones.

From migrations to complex data flows, our skilled team of experts have integrated, developed and generated the most complex workflows imaginable. In the process of migrating thousands of scripts, we sometimes create applications for customers that other companies would find useful.

Rather than reinventing the wheel for each customer, we pool our knowledge and make these solutions available to our customers as a free trial once they have been thoroughly quality assessed. In sharing our progress this way, we are able to keep offering the best solutions and keep costs down for our customers.

We also nurture relationships with our suppliers rather than just selling products. We find this benefits our clients in more ways than one. When we spot a gap in the market, or a challenge our customers face, we liaise with our suppliers to help them to continue developing new solutions to keep your data safe.

(The author is the Director – Sales, SYSTECH Technocraft Services)


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