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In this video:
Limesh Parekh, CEO, Enjay IT Solutions
Topic: Solving HR Problems is Easier Than You Think

Key Highlights:
+ In 2017 we started skill challenge where we have initiated 7-8 programs in the company
+ We have encouraged colleges to send students to Enjay, IT Solutions
+ We make sure that each student will learn and get the exposure
+ We have trained more than 100 students from Laxmi Institute of Technology, Vapi
+ We are filling the gap between institutions & the industry by training the students & making them industry ready
+ Industry-ready skills are on demand today & Enjay has taken a step forward to fulfil it


  1. From the book to this speech. It’s always interesting to hear about movie dialog in a speech by you, which relates very well to what you are saying.
    The work Enjay is doing for students is excellent. It would be my pleasure to contribute something to this project.

  2. Wonderful initiative and approach to solve common recruitment issue faced by most of the entrepreneurs. Loved the speech.

  3. Limesh you started with a BANG in English.

    Totally agree with your comments & your views, Appreciate the detailed way in which this HR issue was addressed. We have followed up many similar pointers as raised by you & were completely relevant.

  4. “Skill Development before graduation” -This is also a unique invention in its way. And totally agree Cultural, ethical fit is more important. Skill, knowledge can be imbibed.


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