4 Of The Best Webinar Platforms Perfect For Beginners

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The year 2020 seems to have emphasized the importance of webinar platforms even though they are available for usage for quite a while now.

To be a marketer these days is almost impossible if you are not hosting a webinar. Chances of lead conversations as well as interaction with your customer are significantly increased by hosting a webinar. That is why it is important to choose the best software platform out there.

Even though it may seem logical that the decision should be based on price, there are other factors that determine whether they are just right for you and do they complement your needs. That is why this list of 4 of the best webinar platforms exists. It will hopefully assist you to pick out the best one, especially if you are a beginner.


One of the best webinar software that is available on the market these days is WebinarJam. It is designed with an excellent interface that is interactive. Another benefit is that it has add-on integration as well as engagement features for marketing.

WebinarJam is also a sales-focused webinar. Customizable features that it possesses are very flexible and dynamic and are perfect for sales and marketing for that reason. This webinar is integrated with very powerful marketing tools that are tuned for webinar events. Besides WebinarJam’s pricing structure, other advantages are that more sales and segmentation functions are performed by the users. These functions are part of its enhanced set. That was made possible by integrating EverWebinar and WebinarJam. Important things that any platform should have are excellent audio and video that allow presentations.

WebinarJam includes that as well. Other things that are included in this webinar platform are:

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Email marketing tools that are intuitive
Third-party integrations that are dynamic
Funnel pages have options for customization
It is great for webinars that have a big audience

This market eccentric platform has the main focus, well on market. Major features that Demio may have are:

Software that is easy to use
Analytic tools
Automation builder
Call to action function is available to use during a webinar
Simple interface
One of the first things that you may notice when using Demio is that it is very easy for beginners. They are able to set a webinar in no time. There is a large number of automation tools that allow it to be used for follow-ups and tracking regardless of its simple interface. Scheduling webinar recordings and being able to send them to people is also possible through this platform by using those same tools that they have.

The point is, even if the tools are very simple, they are also very powerful. professional sales teams, as well as the marketers, would find this webinar platform to be quite dynamic too. The setback that Demio has, on the other hand, is that its price is also very steep. Especially if you compare the set of functions that it has to offer to its users.


One of the oldest and still one of the best webinar platforms out there on the internet is GoToWebinar. It was among the first that had to offer live webinar hosting capabilities. Usually, it is used by huge businesses because it is more than reliable. There are times when GoToWebinar does have technical issues just like any other major webinar platform does.

Although that may be true, 99 percent of the time for 99 percent of the audience it works just right. Its level of reliability is playing it on this list. Over 3,000 participants can be held up by this webinar platform. Marketing features are not so heavily loaded on this platform like on others from this list would be, but even so, it offers various other features like reporting, analytics, and management tools.


It comes with all features that are expected to be found in a webinar platform. Livestorm has seen share and audience hosting as the majority would as well. It can also provide some features that are for landing page customization, live chat, analytics, polls, marketing automation, event management, unlimited webinar recording storage, and so on. Livestorm can even allow its users to make social media promotions of their events right from the platform.

These mentioned software programs can be compared with each other and you can make an evaluation based on their ease of use, functionality, marketing features, automation capabilities, enhanced ROI functionalities, video quality, and of course price. it is all up to you. At the end of the day, the best webinar platform is for you to pick out. It all depends on what you need the most and how well it would work with your audience and business.


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