Belden discloses Data Breach


Belden disclosed a data breach, where the attackers stole files containing information about employees and business partners.

Belden is an American manufacturing company of networking, connectivity and cable products employing approximately 9,000 people.

A sophisticated attack took place that accessed servers that contained Personal Data of some current and former employees, as well as limited company information about its business partners.

“Our IT professionals were able to detect the unusual activity and believe we have stopped further unauthorised access of personal data on our servers,” stated the company.

Personal data stolen may include information as to names, birthdates, home addresses, email addresses, government-issued identification numbers (for example, national insurance / social security), Bank account details of North American employees on Belden payroll and other general employment-related information.

Information accessed and stolen related to business partners include bank account data and for U.S partners, their taxpayer ID numbers.

The company said that the breach did not impact operations at manufacturing plants, quality control or shipping, it added that attackers only had access to a “limited number” of company servers.

Belden is notifying all affected employees and business partners and is offering free monitoring and support services. The company notified regulatory and law enforcement authorities who are assisting with the investigation.

“Safety is always paramount at Belden, and we take threats to the privacy of personal and company information very seriously,” stated Roel Vestjens, president and CEO of Belden.

“We regret any complications or inconvenience this incident may have caused and are offering assistance to those individuals who may have been impacted.”


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