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You’re spending more time online than ever before. Work. School. Connecting with family and friends.  Each week, millions of LastPass users add millions of new passwords, notes, files, payment cards and more to their encrypted vault. We love being a part of the security routines of more than 20 million users across the world. As our community of users continues to grow, we need to adapt our offerings to keep up with the constantly evolving digital world. With that, we have some changes to our LastPass Free offering. 

Here’s What’s Changing

We’re making changes to how Free users access LastPass across device types. LastPass offers access across two device types – computers (including all browsers running on desktops and laptops) or mobile devices (including mobile phones, smart watches, and tablets). Starting March 16th, 2021, LastPass Free will only include access on unlimited devices of one type.    

To further clarify what we mean by active device type, we’ve included two examples below: 

  • Jamie is a Free user with Computers as their active device type. They can use LastPass on her laptop, desktop and their dad’s laptop (anyone’s computer!), but they can’t use LastPass on their phone, tablet, or smart watch unless they upgrade to LastPass Premium, which has unlimited device type access. 
  • Alex is a Free user with Mobile Devices as their active device type. They can use LastPass on his iPhone, Android work phone, tablet, and smart watch, but they can’t use LastPass on their desktop or laptop unless they upgrade to LastPass Premium, which has unlimited device type access. 

As a Free user, your first login on or after March 16th will set your active device type. You’ll have three opportunities to switch your active device type to explore what’s right for you. Please note, that all of your devices sync automatically, so you’ll never lose access to anything stored in your vault or be locked out of your account, regardless of whether you use computer or mobile devices to access LastPass. Learn more about device types in our Support Center. 

In addition to this change, as of May 17th, 2021, email support will only be available for Premium and Families customers. LastPass Free users will always have access to our Support Center which has a robust library of self-help resources available 24/7 plus access to our LastPass Community, which is actively monitored by LastPass specialists. Free users will continue to receive email support for technical issues until May 16th to assist through the transition of selecting an active device type. Learn more about our customer support offerings in our Support Center. 

If you’d like unlimited device type access and email support, you can upgrade from Free to LastPass Premium for a limited time, for $2.25 per month (billed annually). * You can also enjoy all the perks of Premium for you and up to 5 of your closest friends and family members with LastPass Families for a limited time offer of $3.00 per month (billed annually). *

LastPass Premium at a Glance

LastPass Premium is your single and secure one-stop-shop to your digital life. It includes dark web monitoring, emergency access, unlimited device type access, a security score dashboard, dedicated personal support, advanced multi-factor authentication and more. At only $3 per month (billed annually), LastPass Premium enables you to not only store your passwords but also protect your digital life, which is more important than ever in this new era of working from anywhere. As a current Free user, you can upgrade to Premium now for an exclusive, limited time discount and receive Premium for $2.25 per month (billed annually). * 

Next Steps for Free Users

We understand how much you rely on LastPass in your daily life, so we wanted to let you know well in advance and give you resources to make this adjustment easier. Here’s what you need to know: 

  • You do not need to take any direct action at this time, however if you’d like to continue using LastPass on both your desktop and mobile devices, upgrade to Premium or Families now.
  • Starting March 16th, if you do not upgrade to Premium or Families, the first device you log in on will become your active device type. 

For more information about these changes, please review these additional resources:  

Whether you continue using LastPass Free on one device type, or across all your devices types with LastPass Premium or Families, we’re committed to offering you a best-in-class password management experience.  We sincerely thank you for continuing to be part of our LastPass community.

(By Dan DeMichele, LogMeIn)


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