How to Choose a Password Manager


Passwords are often the only thing standing between your data and everyone else, so it’s important to use strong passwords for every single online account. Handling your passwords with care ensures that you and only you are allowed access to your accounts.  

password manager is a big step up from keeping passwords in a spreadsheet or in a note on your phone. That’s because a password manager makes it possible to have unique, random passwords for every single account, storing them all in one place.  

If you’re new to the idea of a password manager, it can be daunting to pick the right one for you. Or maybe you’ve been using LastPass for a while, but you’re wondering if any LastPass alternatives may be a better fit. Read on to figure out what you need in your password manager, and how to pick the right one.  

What do you need in a password manager? 

Before diving into which password manager is right for you, first take stock of your needs. Key questions to consider include: 

  • How many devices do you own?
  • What are those devices (Android, Apple)?
  • Who do you need to share with?
  • What other type of information would you want to store besides passwords? 
  • Are you concerned about data breaches and your personal information being at risk?

Once you’re clear on your needs, it can be easier to eliminate password managers that clearly lack device integration and password sharing, and don’t offer the robust storage, security options and reliability that you’re looking for.  

Choosing a password manager 

There are a lot of password managers out there, and LastPass alternatives may offer similar features, but you might find that flexibility and advanced features are lacking.   

LastPass offers different tiers, so users can choose the feature set that best matches their needs. Of course, you can always start with LastPass Free and upgrade at any time if your needs change.  

LastPass Free may be the best fit if:  

  • You need a tool to help you store and remember all your passwords. 
  • You have quite a lot of passwords and need to store unlimited logins. 
  • You only need to access passwords on one type of device (computer or mobile). 
  • You want to safely share your passwords with a trusted family member or friend. 

LastPass Premium may be the best fit if: 

  • You want one place to look at the digital security of your accounts and see if any accounts have been compromised on the dark web. 
  • You want to make sure someone you trustcan access your information with Emergency Access. 
  • You want to add a second layer of authentication to your account with advanced two-factor authentication options. 
  • You want to share your passwords effortlessly and securely with multiple people and without limit.  
  • You want to access LastPass across unlimited device types.  

LastPass Families may be the best fit if: 

  • You want to conveniently and securely share your information with family or friends. 
  • You want to ensure your family members are using strong passwords for every account.
  • You want to protect your family’s data with added security features.

Get the most out of your password manager 

Whether you’re just getting started or recommitting after considering a LastPass alternative, make sure you’re taking advantage of all that your password manager has to offer.  

Once all your passwords are stored in LastPass, you can focus on using the password generator to replace all accounts with new, strong passwords. Use the Security Dashboard to improve your security scores, and enable Dark Web Monitoring to inform you of breached accounts. Give family members access to the accounts and information they need, and plan ahead for life’s events

Everyone needs a password manager to organize the dizzying number of online accounts and help protect against cyber threats. Whether you choose Free, Premium or Families, LastPass has the password management features you need to help simplify and secure your digital life.

(By Amber Steel, LogMeIn)


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