How Wipro created a better service desk experience for users with LogMeIn


Rescue + Mobile integrated with Wipro IT Ecosystem Applications, enabled Service Desk Agents to support employees seamlessly whenever they need and wherever they are, be it a PC or mobile device. It also enabled automated updation of activity logs to the IT Tickets and saved the session recordings in a central repository. This helped in efficient management of service desk agents time and also provided required data points for internal audits and forensics.

Rescue Lens offered Wipro an effective remote video support. This has helped agents react quickly to technical breakdowns and help fix issues through video support by guiding end users thus reducing the need for desk-side/on-site support.

LogMeIn Tools are compatible with our IT landscape and seamlessly integrate with our ecosystem applications, which help in automation of our helpdesk operations and also connect all the domain experts in a single platform. Reporting and dashboards helped analyze, summarize, and enhance the daily agent productivity.

Saravana Kumar Nagarajan, EUSS Technical Support Group

Wipro was trying to identify solutions that could help automate their global end user support service desk in order to improve their current employee experience. They required enhanced ticket automation, intelligent chat assignments, and agent productivity dashboards to seamlessly integrate with their current IT ecosystem and make it available to their agents in one unified console.

LogMeIn’s Bold360 live chat, along with Rescue and Rescue Lens were introduced to enable Wipro to uphold the strength and consistency of their service desk communication. The integration of these tools automated most service desk tasks, such as end-user support and management of IT tickets — thus enabling a better experience for both users and service desk agents.

LogMeIn’s tools gave the Wipro CIO organization an integrated and reliable medium for end user interactions and improvement in service desk agent productivity. There has been a significant increase in self-service, with the help of live chat and purpose-built remote support tool.

A Chat agents are now able to guide the users to self-service, reducing the need for remote support in 10-15% of the service requests that come to service desk agents
Service desk agents now invite experts internally and/or externally to collaborate on a support session and resolve issues, thus significantly increasing the First Call Resolution (FCR)
Bold360’s productivity monitoring improved efficient break time allocation for engineers, from 15 to 30 minutes, resulting in increased productivity
The Experts Advice within the Bold360 chat tool is now able to reduce the ticket resolution time by 2-3 hours, as any ticket which requires an SME intervention is routed within the same chat, thereby avoiding ticket hops
Rescue Lens has helped in achieving a significant 25% reduction in on-desk visits, with the help of integrated solutions for hardware and peripheral breakdowns
Efficient and detailed reporting of chat volumes and remote sessions helped increase productivity among service desk agents


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