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Saying “I do” may be the end of planning a wedding, but it’s just the beginning of planning a new life together. When building a future as a recently married couple, it’s helpful to get—and stay— organized.  

Just like moving in together may mean getting rid of duplicate stuff and outfitting a space that works for both of you, getting organized as a couple means coordinating your digital lives to make household management as stress-free and convenient as possible.   

A password manager like LastPass Premium should be top of the list of apps to download for married couples to help you get organized, stay in sync, and protect your new (digital) life together. 

Consolidate accounts

From managing finances, to paying bills, to grocery shopping, there are so many expenses married couples need to keep track of and coordinate on. Some couples like to split the bills, others delegate one partner to manage the bulk of them. Whatever system you develop, it’s helpful to have all accounts consolidated in one safe place!

A password manager like LastPass has a digital vault where accounts can be stored and organized in folders that are easily searchable. With all account logins in one place, it’s not only quick to log in to a website when you need to, it’s also easy to look up the username and password when someone else needs access. Plus, you can attach files and images, like copies of passports and driver’s licenses, as secure digital backups. 

Share access

And speaking of someone else needing access, password sharing is a fact of married life. Whether it’s Netflix, Amazon, or Instacart, there are endless passwords you both will need convenient access to.  

Once you’ve consolidated your logins in your own password manager vaults, LastPass Premium makes it easy to share as many passwords as you need to with your significant other. That way, you both can log in when needed, and if one of you needs to make a change to the password, the change is instantly synced to the other person. 

Stay secure

Identity theft and account takeovers may be the last thing on your mind after your honeymoon, but digital security isn’t something to take lightly.  

You’ll both want to make sure all of your passwords are strong enough to withstand any hacking attempts. That means using generated passwords for every single account; since passwords can be filled and shared with the password manager, it no longer matters how difficult they are to remember. 

Unfortunately, breaches are common, so keeping an eye on out for any suspicious activity will help you stay proactive in your security. LastPass Premium offers a Security Dashboard that assesses your password security, helping you identify weak and duplicate passwords that need to be changed. LastPass Premium’s Dark Web Monitoring keeps an eye on your accounts and sends an alert if your information has been leaked on the dark web. 

Get peace of mind

You might be spending a lot of time together as newlyweds, but eventually life will return to a more normal routine. That means time spent apart as you work, travel, hang out with friends, or enjoy some hobbies. But the last thing you want to be doing is calling your spouse to track down a password they have saved on their laptop.  

Automatic device sync and unlimited access to devices of any type are included in LastPass Premium. No matter where you log in with your LastPass account, you’ll have instant access to all of your stored information – including any passwords you’re sharing with each other.  

Plus, you can set up your spouse as an Emergency Access contact. Hopefully you’ll never need to use it, but the Emergency Access feature in LastPass Premium ensures that, in the event of a crisis or accident, your designated contact (in this case, your spouse) can request access to your LastPass account and receive the passwords and notes stored in your vault.  

Account logins and digital security might not be top of mind right after you get married. But taking the time to get a password manager like LastPass Premium and use the features to their fullest will help keep your household organized, secure, and in sync. Plus, you’ll save yourselves lots of time—and maybe even a bit of frustration—down the line!

(By Lindsay Crafford, LogMeIn)

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