PeopleKeys conducts secure virtual training with the help of GoToMeeting and LastPass


When the COVID-19 pandemic unexpectedly forced businesses and their employees to work remotely for the foreseeable future, PeopleKeys was faced with a unique challenge. A leading provider of behavioral assessments and team building, leadership, conflict resolution, and talent management training, development, and consulting, a substantial part of PeopleKeys’ work was conducted onsite and in-person.

With the announcement of the mandated stay-at-home order by their home state of Ohio, the sudden realization struck that PeopleKeys needed to adopt an entirely new approach by moving meetings and trainings with customers to occur virtually online. Simultaneously, the PeopleKeys team raised the concern about security with the shift to working from home.

After an extensive evaluation of potential solutions, PeopleKeys honed in on a combined solution of GoToMeeting and LastPass by LogMeIn. GoToMeeting offers a reliable, easy-to-navigate interface that PeopleKeys was looking for to empower their teams to stay connected. As the pandemic acted as a forcing mechanism to accelerate the adoption of virtual customer training, GoToMeeting became the supporting platform, helping them also to expand their reach and increase the number of clients they can serve globally.

“It’s increased our capacity to deliver training worldwide with the GoToMeeting technology. It’s been a real benefit to us,” stated John Schindell, Director of Training at PeopleKeys.

LastPass was leveraged to enable the team to set up, utilize, and share strong passwords for their accounts and programs. Not only was this a crucial and progressive step towards improved data security, it helped ease the burden of the shift to working from home full time.

“I could access all my programs from home. I didn’t have to worry. Just add LastPass to your browser, enter your master password, login and boom, everything is there. It was a huge benefit to have that,” said Emily Miller, Marketing Manager at PeopleKeys.



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