Planning for your work from anywhere future


It’s obvious that Covid-19 altered the way in which people work, but as some parts of the world begin to ease lockdown restrictions and deploy vaccines, customers will again find themselves needing to navigate the next sea change.

LogMeIn, is committed to staying at the forefront of that change with you.

LogMeIn, believes that hybrid work is the future. That employees need to be able to connect from wherever they wish to get their work done, with tools that are flexible, cloud-based and secure. That’s how LogMeIn employees work, too. Using its own tools helps LogMeIn to understand both the current remote-centric and future hybrid needs.

As LogMeIn plans ahead, using its mission – to unlock the potential of the modern remote workforce – as its barometer for the customer experiences it build and the products it invest in. LogMeIn is committed to aligning its portfolio and driving innovation that focuses on its core customers’ needs and vision. With this laser focus on the future, LogMeIn announced a definitive agreement for Genesys to acquire Bold360.

Bold360 has always been a unique part of LogMeIn’s business. Through years of investment, it has developed Bold360 as an Enterprise-grade digital engagement platform that seamlessly combines the power of AI self-service and high-touch omnichannel live-agent support to power millions of AI digital engagements every month. Through this deal, LogMeIn is confident that Genesys is the right owner to unlock Bold360’s full potential moving forward as LogMeIn focus its investments on unifying its product offerings and innovating for the work from anywhere future.

So whether you’re ready to head back to the office, content at home, or eager to take your work on the road, LogMeIn is committed to enabling productivity, collaboration and security for the millions of users who rely daily on GoToConnect, LastPass, Rescue, Central and the other market-leading products in our portfolio.


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