UserTesting innovations improve speed and quality of insights


UserTesting, a provider of on-demand human insight firm announced several innovations within the platform designed to improve the speed and quality of insights, making fast customer feedback accessible to more people, and more teams within an organisation. 

The April 2021 product release includes a new template gallery to make testing easier with sample questions, approval flow features to make test review management more accessible across an organisation, tree testing to enhance usability testing capabilities, an integration with Qualtrics to combine customer sentiment data from Qualtrics, smart tags to make it easier for users to quickly find and surface the most important moments from video-based customer feedback.

Kaj Van De Loo, CTO, UserTesting said that the speed of business, combined with the rapidly changing needs of customers means having a continuous customer feedback process is a business imperative.

“The latest product release empowers teams with new capabilities for launching tests across experiences and to quickly zero in on the key moments of insights. All of these capabilities are designed to help teams to incorporate human insights quickly, confidently, and at scale,” added the CTO, UserTesting.

The company has added the following features:  

Discover, create and quickly launch tests to bring real human insights to any team

UserTesting’s new template gallery makes it easy for all teams to launch high-quality tests faster and ensures industry best practices for collecting customer research and feedback. The template gallery provides a single location for saved test plans and UserTesting’s quick answer templates. Additionally, the new approval flow feature helps teams to manage their programs by giving them additional governance and control for how tests are launched.

Pair analytics and video feedback to understand the “why” behind customer expectations

The UserTesting tree testing solution helps customers build better digital experiences by enabling them to get feedback on navigation, and content hierarchy. By understanding how participants navigate through content on websites and mobile apps using analytics combined with video feedback, where people can hear their thoughts out loud, customers can improve engagement and conversion rates. Tree testing builds on UserTesting’s information architecture testing capabilities with its recently launched card sorting feature.

 A new Qualtrics integration brings customer sentiment data and human insight together to help organisations understand the ‘why’ behind customer feedback so that they can make more informed customer decisions. Qualtrics and UserTesting together provide a quick and seamless way for organisations to combine insights from multiple channels and gain a more holistic view of experiences. With this integration, customers will have access to pre-built UserTesting templates that align to some of the common customer and product or brand research use cases.

Leverage machine learning to quickly surface the most important customer moments

UserTesting continues to invest in machine learning to bring greater efficiencies to how their customers work. With smart tags, finding and understanding the most important moments within a video feedback session just got easier. UserTesting’s purpose built machine learning model is designed to evaluate video feedback and analysis in real-time. Smart tags build on our sentiment analysis solution released in 2020 and automatically detects ten common tags, including trust, ease, aversion, recommendations, and more. Smart tags will also be available for written responses to help evaluate even more test types efficiently. 


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