Ericsson demonstrates the transformational power of 5G for consumers and enterprises at the IMC 2022


5G is powering exciting possibilities and creating never-seen-before opportunities for people and businesses. Its launch in the country will also play a key role in realizing the government’s Digital India vision. As India gets ready step into the 5G era, Ericsson is imagining an India where limitless connectivity means limitless possibility. At the India Mobile Congress, Ericsson demonstrates 5G use cases that will – enable an exciting future, help unlock never seen possibilities, redefine businesses and pioneer a sustainable future.


Cloud gaming – Mobile cloud gaming is an early use case opportunity enabled by network slicing. This is because slicing can provide gamers the guarantee of the performance needed for a good user experience. This demonstration deep dives into how mobile operators can take on mobile cloud gaming and better utilize network slicing.

Holographic Communications – Holographic Communication enables fully immersive, real-time, 3D experiences that can be built with consumer-grade mobile devices over 5G, while providing a greater sense of spatial awareness, proximity, and presence. With the holographic technology closely replicating face-to-face interaction, it opens up a wide variety of applications for the general public as well as for industries such as manufacturing, utilities, and education.


Smar Rice in the Metaverse – The metaverse is here and we see many opportunities to create digital twins in the virtual space using this technology.  Agriculture and especially rice production is a key priority for the nation, and we will demonstrate how the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and Virtual Reality can come together to provide and test innovative solutions.


Fixed Wireless Access – Millions of users are still waiting for reliable home broadband, especially in rural areas. While wired services require the laying of expensive cabling, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) can provide an efficient and scalable alternative. FWA can help bridge the digital divide, surpass consumer expectations, and drive monetization.


Connected Ambulance – The use case demonstrates an urgent medical assistance intervention for a critical patient / accident victim while being taken to hospital in an ambulance. In this simulation, the emergency technician wears HoloLens glasses that transmit everything to the doctor and simultaneously receive instructions from him thus, enabling a much more specialized and real-time assistance. Inside the ambulance, the ultra-high definition (4K) 360 video camera, the integration of vital sign monitoring equipment and the inclusion of facial recognition technology (which, after being processed in the cloud, provides information about the patient) allows the doctor to remotely guide the pre-hospital emergency technician and follow the victim much more closely leading to faster and more effective diagnosis and treatment.


Ericsson Radio System – Ericsson has recently announced the introduction of ultra-lightweight Massive MIMO 32T32R radios that are best fit for India’s needs – AIR 3219 and AIR 3268 (Antenna Integrated Radio). These 5G radios, which will be produced in India, are energy efficient and come with coverage-enhancing features such as Uplink Booster that make them very relevant for a densely populated country like India. These radios have been designed for 5G mid-band Massive MIMO performance to deliver the benefits of deployment simplicity and improved energy efficiency. With their reduced weight, these Ericsson radios make installations easy on towers, rooftops, poles, and walls.

Street furniture – Ubiquitous coverage, especially in urban areas and hotspots is critical for a seamless 5G experience. Ericsson’s pioneering new radio solution utilizes existing streetlights and adds as many as five times better download speeds. All in as little as 15 minutes site installation time.

Enterprise service ordering and orchestration – Service orchestration is the process of designing, creating, delivering, and monitoring service offerings in an automated way which helps CSPs deliver value beyond connectivity. Operator networks have traditionally been domain specific and managed in silos, which makes the service creation and delivery towards enterprise customers slow and costly. Enterprise service orchestration removes those silos to enable more flexible and automated networks, based on multi-vendor, multi-cloud and multi-hyperscale cloud provider (HCP) environments.

Packet Core optimized for the edge – Edge-enabled applications and services are due to generate billions of dollars in long-term economic value and span a wide spectrum of use cases. Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core can support a variety of use-cases by combining different products and functionalities in the user and control planes. Discover more about how we solve customer challenges in the edge with Ericsson Local Packet Gateway and dual-mode 5G Core.

Cognitive software – Network design and optimization is becoming increasingly challenging with today’s dynamic and multidimensional networks to analyze and optimize. At the same time, the incremental performance gains are becoming smaller, putting pressure to improve efficiency further from both the design through optimization cycle. Ericsson’s Cognitive Software offering meets these challenges, shifting to automated solutions and insights by leveraging off the latest developments in AI technology.

With deep insights into performance and reliability, communications service providers can adapt and optimize networks to meet growing customer demands. With unique domain knowledge built into the algorithms, cognitive technologies transform operations to deliver on complex and diverse business goals, taking service providers closer than ever to zero touch networks.

Cognitive network operations – 5G Networks are inherently complex. Operational complexity due to 5G will increase many times and will require a new approach to deliver network operations.  Intent based autonomous network operations offer new functionalities that enable benefits of 5G to be realized – intent based 5G N/W slice operation use case allows us to manage the complete life-cycle of the slice covering Plan, Design, Validation, Fulfilment & Assurance in an automated way.

Additionally, Ericsson’s Cognitive energy solution reduces energy spend on site level whilst protecting network quality and user experience. It complements the RAN features with customized energy saving actions applied in predictive manner.

Also, on display at the Airtel booth are:

  • Fit 360
  • Drone based inventory management
  • Smart Manufacturing


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