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India’s massive digital footprint biggest strength for AI development, says NITI Aayog CEO 

India’s digital footprint marks its biggest strength for AI development, and established platforms like Aadhaar, UPI along with massive digital infrastructure create a “unique...

AI, Blockchain and IOT Together To Bring Real Value to Organizations

"To get the real value the new age emerging technologies like blockchain, AI and IoT will have to work in tandem"

95% Business Leaders Consider AI Critical, Yet Only 17% Leverage it: Wipro

Most businesses consider AI to be critical to improve operational efficiency, reduce employee time on manual tasks, and enhance the employee and customer experience

Enterprises continues to push the frontiers of technology by embracing AI: NASSCOM – EY...

Seventy percent of Indian enterprises that deployed Artificial Intelligence (AI) have achieved measurable results while sixty percent believe that AI will disrupt their business...

What tech mechanisms Uber is using for steadfast ride in India

Why and how Uber's several innovations initiated from India have been scaled globally...

Transitioning to the Age of Autonomous Digital Enterprise

Service management solutions are expanding beyond their traditional IT context into other parts of the business to deliver business-valued service

Indian States Look to Attract Japanese Investments Amid COVID

“IT, ITES, AI, Machine Tools, Aerospace, Biotechnology, and Engineering Design are areas where Japanese investment can flow in”

 AI, ML applications are set to take over the Post-Covid World  

By Somraj Bhattacharjee, Head- Products, Vehant Technologies COVID-19 has changed perspectives and modified the way people look at their lives. Corporates, conglomerates and industries around...

Orange and Google Cloud to form strategic partnership in data, AI and edge computing...

Orange and Google Cloud today announced a strategic partnership to accelerate the transformation of Orange’s IT infrastructure and the development of future cloud services,...

Cloud And AI Tech Rule Innovations In A Virtual World At The NetApp Excellerator...

Startups showcased business-critical solutions using Artificial Intelligence, Kubernetes, Machine Learning, IoT and Blockchain

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