Xvantage: Driving Business Transformation through Advanced AI Insights and Solutions


Join Sanjib Sahoo, Executive Vice President, Global Technology and Chief Digital Officer, Ingram Micro alongside Navneet Singh Bindra, Senior Vice President and Chief Country Executive, Ingram Micro as they unveil the transformative power of Xvantage. In today’s hypercompetitive market landscape, businesses are constantly seeking innovative strategies to gain a competitive edge and thrive. But what exactly sets Xvantage apart, and how does it revolutionize the way businesses operate? Together, we’ll explore the unparalleled AI-driven capabilities of Xvantage, empowering businesses with invaluable insights and solutions. From addressing pressing challenges to reshaping traditional business models, Xvantage represents a pivotal shift in the digital transformation journey. Additionally, we’ll examine how Ingram Micro ensures the utmost data privacy and security while implementing AI-driven solutions. Join us as we get an insight into the evolving role of Chief Digital Officers in the age of AI adoption and digital transformation. Get ready to uncover the future of business with Xvantage at the helm.


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