The Impact of COVID-19 on GoTo Users


Meetings have taken on a whole new meaning this year because of COVID-19. Virtual collaboration has become the norm, and for many, it will remain that way for the foreseeable future. Even here at LogMeIn, where remote work has always been part of our DNA, we’ve analyzed and adjusted many of our policies to truly become a remote-first organization.

As businesses start to consider these long-term strategic shifts to remote work, they need to look closely at their employee behavior as a guiding light. We’re all playing by a new set of rules, which means changes in the characteristics of your employee collaboration. Employee needs, behaviors, and attitudes as related to remote work are probably very different than the last time you checked in!

We thought we’d help you get started by sharing some trends we found in own user data. In the infographic below, you’ll see the changes we’ve observed in the behavior of our own global users when comparing five months in 2019 to the same five month period in 2020.

Some highlights:

Online meetings and events are not only happening more often – they’re getting bigger.
Mobile meetings are on the rise as employees navigate a new work-life balance.
Critical industries like education and healthcare turned to online collaboration tools to keep doing their meaningful work.
Check out the full infographic to help get you thinking about the right path to a long-term remote workforce.

View the Infographic:


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