65% of Organisations Believe Data Bias Exists in Their Organisations as per survey by Progress Software


Data bias is becoming an increasingly pressing issue for businesses that leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning, but many organisations struggle to address it effectively. Two-thirds of executives think there is currently data bias in their organisations, according to a global study sponsored by Progress and conducted by Insight Avenue.

Below are some interesting highlights that could impact the Indian market:

According to a recent survey on data bias in India, organisations are becoming increasingly reliant on AI/ML for decision-making, with a whopping 55% expecting to increase their reliance on the technology this year. However, as dependence on AI/ML grows, 69% of organisations anticipate a heightened concern over potential data bias.

Despite 55% of organisations acknowledging the existence of data bias within their organisation, 63% of respondents consider lack of awareness and understanding as significant barriers to addressing it. Additionally, the lack of available expert resources, such as access to data scientists, is also a challenge.

However, the survey results show that 82% of respondents in India see technology as a crucial tool in the fight against data bias. Furthermore, 57% of organisations believe that data bias could have serious social consequences if not addressed.

Globally, 66% of organisations anticipate becoming more reliant on AI/ML decision-making in the coming years, with 65% believing that there is currently data bias in their organisation. A significant 77% of organisations feel that they need to be doing more to address data bias, with 51% citing lack of awareness and understanding of biases as a significant barrier to addressing it.

Other significant highlights from the survey include that 76% of respondents believe in the positive impact of optimal human-machine collaboration.


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