Google Meet gets AI noise cancellation feature


Google video conferencing app Meet has begun receiving AI noise cancellation feature update to help attendees reduce the background noise significantly.

The feature was originally announced in April with a couple of other features but it is only starting to roll.

Google has been working on the feature for around a year and a half, using thousands of its own meetings to train its AI model, reports VentureBeat.

Serge Lachapelle, G Suite’s director of product management, revealed that the noise-cancelling feature can also filter out other background distractions such as dogs barking, kids crying, and applause.

The noise cancellation feature uses a machine learning model that is capable of understanding the difference between noise and speech.

To filter out background noise, users voice is sent from the device to a Google data centre, which is where it goes through the machine learning model.

Once the processing is completed, it gets re-encrypted and sent back to the Google Meet call.

The feature is expected to become widely available for G Suite enterprise customers by the end of this month.



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