Udacity launches AI programme for healthcare learners


Silicon Valley-based learning platform Udacity has launched its ‘AI for Healthcare Nanodegree programme’, in which the project-based courses are taught by industry-leading artificial intelligence (AI) and healthcare experts.

It is designed to provide learners with the practical experience and resources needed to work and advance in the healthcare field.

“Through our AI for Healthcare Nanodegree program, we’re equipping data scientists and other AI-minded professionals to use their skills to enable faster and more accurate diagnoses of medical conditions and to build the treatments of the future,” Gabriel Dalporto, CEO, Udacity, said in a statement.

According to the company, the learners who enrol in the programme will develop the skills needed to create algorithms that will enable healthcare professionals to deploy more effective interventions in order to optimize clinical decision-making at scale.

The curriculum included in the programme includes lessons on the applications of artificial intelligence in electronic health records, 2D and 3D medical imaging, and wearable devices.

It also features hands-on learning with projects tailored to real-world scenarios that complement instructor-led sessions, including the development of algorithms to detect pneumonia from chest x-rays and quantification of hippocampus volume to determine Alzheimer’s progression.



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