Aman Technologies deploys AI-based Wi-Fi setup at IIT Jammu


Aman Technologies is a well established mid sized system integrator in Jammu. It has built its specialisation across security, networking, WIPS, virtualisation, intelligent surveillance, data centre, artificial intelligence, storage, ERP and unified communications. Moreover, Aman Technologies has got a strong customer base in the government, education and defense sectors. Recently, this system integrator deployed Arista’s wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS), a AI based WiFi setup in the new IIT campus at Jammu. The solution has not only enabled an optimal WiFi setup for the institute but has also made it possible for the prestigious institution to initiate major research projects on this setup.

This solution was designed and implemented to solve multiple issues like location based policy management; automatic detection, blocking and locating of threats; detection of interference and RF jamming; smart forensics; inbuilt artificial intelligence.

This infrastructure is a state-of-the-art setup with best of coverage, functionalities and signal optimisation. The solution enables accurate classification of devices and threats, reliable prevention of all WiFi threats, precise location tracking of WiFi users, auto detection and control of smart devices, location based policy manager, compliance reporting. The system also quarantines APs if connected to enterprise network and prevents unwanted WiFi connections to / from WiFi clients.

The AP configuration and controller manageability has enabled negligible overlapping resulting into an environment with minimal interfe-rence and maximum efficiency. In addition to 2.5GHz and 5GHz radio all the devices have a dual band scanning radio. The system is enabled with artificial intelligence and thus classification and prevention built on behaviour improves accuracy and speed of response. All this has resulted in a great experience for the students and staff at IIT. There is now a plan to use this infrastructure for carrying out the research projects for students which will focus on numerous aspects such as WiFi, WIPS, cognitive behaviour, artificial intelligence and the likes.

The SI used an altogether new use of WIPS to resolve the connectivity issues at IIT in a vulnerable state like J&K. Through this system, it was able to cater to the customer’s requirements, even reducing the security dependence on other IT devices.

This setup has tremendously improved the WiFi related concerns in the campus. Pre-deployment every-thing ranging from connectivity concerns to security and policy were not being able to handle. This resulted in major concerns for the adminis-tration and the staff. This setup has not only provided signal optimisation and security, but has even automated the connectivity issues. Policies are now modified on the go very easily depending on the need.

Deployment in new areas is just sort of plug and play now. Complete campus is now working on this WiFi setup and it hardly requires any major personnel intervention.
The success of this project has already seen additions of new customers. According to Aman Technologies there are double digit clients with whom the SI is working for designing of such wireless solutions.



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