Digital Track reduces TCO with its solutions


Digital Track deployed production applications like e-commerce website, business applications, database servers and document management systems in a scalable infrastructure that helped the client organisation achieve consolidation, elasticity and ensured effective management.

A 4-node hyper converged infrastructure which offers elasticity in terms of compute and storage resources was proposed. The Fabric interconnect solution integrated in the HCI enables seamless connectivity to the data centre network and enhances application performance. This new technology ensures high application availability and cutting-edge performance with ease of management with fewer resources.

DigitalTrack offers a wide portfolio of high-performance, cost effective and easy to manage storage solutions, sourced from leading manufacturers across the world. The customer evaluated different solutions available in the market. DigitalTrack was able to showcase the advantage technically, proved it and convinced the customer. As committed, it migrated existing application without major downtime and today the customer is managing the solution with very few resources compared to the conventional server storage deployed earlier.

The HCI solution helps its customer in achieving high redundancy and availability of business applications and ensures business continuity. It impacts Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with less infrastructure, space, and resources to manage. Currently, the partner deployed 4-nodes and the plan is to add a couple of nodes in the following year. The solution gives them the confidence to venture into new territories giving them the opportunity to increase their revenue. The partner ensures there is no compromise on efforts and values, and does everything possible to exceed the expectations of the customer.

Hyper convergence is the new-age cutting edge technology that offers greater flexibility to customers to run their business-critical application with highest availability. This innovative technology ensures high redundancy and makes life easier for the IT organisation.

The service team of DigitalTrack displays high level of dedication and professionalism and its services ameliorate productivity and competitiveness. The IT infrastructure services and solutions enable its customers to run their business with better integration, cutting on downtime and optimising project cost. The services also include in-house infrastructure management which reduces the ownership on technology, thus reducing TCO.


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