How Generative AI Can Support Preventive Cybersecurity Efforts

Ongoing debates globally about generative AI are not restricted to the risks the technology poses but also about how it can be harnessed for good.

Unlimited cloud storage plans are becoming extinct – What’s next for businesses?

Dropbox's recent move to discontinue its unlimited cloud storage plan is part of an industry-wide trend.

Legacy enterprise, modern workforce: Building workspace of the future’

As a result, most workplaces will see more younger people walking in through their doors than ever before. However, the younger workforce also brings with it different expectations.

When AI Assumes the Role of a Central Banker

The potential of artificial intelligence (AI) is unlocking vast opportunities, particularly for central banks, as it brings considerable cost-saving and efficiency benefits besides providing cybersecurity.

How is KYC automation adding to an improved customer experience?

In addition to security and compliance, customer identity verification enhances customer experiences when implemented effectively.

GenAI Innovation: A Paradigm Shift for Enterprises in the AI Era

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative technology, revolutionizing enterprises by empowering them to streamline and optimize their operations. Specifically, Generative AI has showcased remarkable potential for exploration and groundbreaking innovation.

Let’s discuss the Advanced Techniques for Handling Skewed Datasets in Machine Learning

While data fuels machine learning, not all data is equal. Skewed data can cause significant havoc on machine learning models as most parametric machine learning models like Linear Regression or LDA assume that data is normally distributed.

The Surge in Layer 7 DDoS Attacks: Unmasking the Growing Threat

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, DDoS attacks remain a persistent and concerning threat. According to Radware’s 2023 H1 Global Threat Analysis Report, Web DDoS attacks have become more sophisticated, utilising high Request Per Second (RPS) traffic while randomising multiple elements of the request to create seemingly legitimate traffic

Digital Renaissance by SMBs Redefining Success with Transformation

Implementation, challenges and benefits are 3 stops to enable digital renaissance

Robust Privilege Access Management (PAM) practices demonstrate the organisation’s commitment to mitigating insider threats...

The massive breach that occurred at Tesla in May 2023 impacting over 75,000 employees has now been definitively attributed to insider involvement.
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