Druva extends platform with comprehensive protection and automation for cloud workloads


Druva has announced new capabilities providing coverage for cloud workloads, strategic integrations and automated functionality. The updates include support for Slack and Microsoft Teams, new advanced backup, recovery and global policy capabilities for AWS workloads, as well as integrations with ServiceNow, Splunk and Okta.

“Today’s most successful companies find ways to identify and execute game-changing ideas with velocity. IT teams enable velocity by choosing platforms built natively to support integration, automation, security and compliance. Druva’s data protection solutions cover their on-premises and cloud workloads, eliminates costly and frustrating infrastructure management and enables secure and unified access to enterprise data for next generation analytics capabilities and more,” said Mike Palmer, Chief Product Officer, Druva.

In August, Druva announced the industry’s first intelligent storage tiering system, with support across all layers of AWS storage, including Amazon S3, Amazon S3 Glacier and Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive. This new capability ensures end-to-end data protection driven by machine learning, policy management via one-click actions across all tiers, and easier management through a central dashboard to manage archiving, deletion and governance processes. Through this automated and intelligent feature, enterprises can ultimately reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) of up to 50 percent.

“At Okta, we’re on a mission to enable any organization to securely use any technology. Our integration with Druva provides our joint customers with seamless and secure access to the Druva platform, making it easier for them to protect their most valuable data. In today’s environment of rising malicious attacks and ransomware, backups and archival are becoming critical resources for protection to ensure business continuity in the event of such an attack. By embedding Okta technology into its platform, Druva can focus on its core products while Okta solves for complex identity challenges,” said Ernesto Tey, VP, Global Strategic Alliances, Okta.

“Data has become the fuel to drive innovation, and the exponential increase of data expected in the next several years means there is no end in sight. But as this data becomes more critical to business success, it’s protection also becomes increasingly critical. Given the sheer scale and disparate data sources, Druva’s centralized platform, ability to integrate with other popular SaaS solutions, and scalable protection could be a compelling benefit as more enterprises migrate workloads to the cloud,” said Phil Goodwin, research director, IDC.


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