Develop! Design! Deploy! Applications with Serverless 


Written By:  Indrajeet Ghorpade, General Manager- Technical Services

The modern networking industry has been witnessing a rising star that has taken us through a paradigm shift from the traditional methodologies and made our work more convenient and accessible. This revolutionary trendsetter is serverless technology, which is just not a pattern, rather it is the best pattern, hence companies are making a beeline towards it. The forecast by Mordor Intelligence suggests that the serverless computing market will rise by 23.17% CAGR during the period 2021-2026.

What is serverless technology?

It is a type of application that phases out infrastructure management and facilitates developer experience by allowing software and application developments with low hardware requirements. With serverless applications, the cloud service provider automatically assists, scales, and manages the infrastructure required to run the code. Though servers are still present their maintenance is totally taken care of by the service provider.

Serverless functions are event-driven, which means that the code is invoked only when requested and the provider charges only for compute time used by that execution and not the monthly maintenance fees.

What motivates organizations to shift towards a serverless approach?

Organizations globally are incorporating the serverless environment for faster time to market, project expansion, and growth. Shifting to serverless saves set-up and maintenance costs. After the pandemic, the adoption of new technologies has seen a surge, and companies that have quickly adopted this change have seen their businesses acing as compared to companies who delayed the adoption process.

Benefits of using serverless technology:

Easy to establish:
Using serverless technology for your application is an ideal way if you want to build and deploy an app quickly and easily. Instead of spending weeks and months deploying an app, you can do the same in just a few days or maybe in a few hours. The burden of investing in infrastructure, rather than as a developer-only code and then releasing it immediately.

No Infrastructure Cost:
If you want to scrimp and save, serverless technology is the way. With this technology, you basically outsource the entire management of servers and databases. The serverless computing platform deploys a fleet of servers at just one main location, for which the response time is high, and you only pay for the resource you use. Serverless takes care of the entire infrastructure.

Green Hosting:
To run their servers all the time, companies will have to build their own physical data centers which require a lot of time, space, and manpower. But with serverless technology, companies can buy on-demand servers according to their needs while incurring no cost.

Serverless technology has emerged as an innovative step to exploit cloud-based technologies to their utmost strength which allows the company to focus on its products and expansions plans. Instead of juggling multiple tasks of installing, managing, and maintaining the IT infrastructure, serverless offers higher efficiency, and time, resources to focus on core business competencies. A technology of the future, serverless is here to stay and is expected to become a matter of choice for SMBs, as it does not entail ownership costs.


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