​​​ Display technologies aiding immersive gaming

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The gaming industry is booming in India. Ever since the pandemic has hit, people have turned to gaming to connect and compete, owing to limited social interactions. Notably, gaming is not restricted to leisure anymore. Many have turned this into a serious profession. The growth prospects are such that in India, the gaming industry is set to boost to over US$2 billion in 2023 from USD 906 million in 2019, according to​ forecast by the All-India Gaming Federation (AIGF) and EY. Immersive gaming has gained popularity and demand for virtually enhanced viewing experience is on a rise. 

The advent of online gaming streamers have catapulted the need for a top-notch display which is extremely important for gamers. High-end display backed by technology is now more in demand than ever for people seeking an enhanced gaming experience.  This means that display technologies will aim to deliver even smoother action and richer graphics.

With respect to display technologies the immersive experience initially began with interface evolving from click to touch with touchpads, keyboards and also the mouse. Furthermore the focus shifted to improvements specific to performance and ergonomics to give gamers an edge while gaming, which included aesthetics of their setup, eye and neck comfort, more keystroke travel, mouse-to-hand compliance. All advancements were directed towards delivering content faster and eliminating bottlenecks in loading and delivery of content. 

Today, advancements in display technologies have made it possible to offer real-like gaming scenarios to gamers which perfectly mimic real world conditions. Some of the latest technologies giving gamers an immersive edge are:

Crystal clear display with 4K resolution: As compared to a standard full HD panel, the 4K resolution features 156% more pixels and 8 times the pixels in HD displays. With this, the gamers get images which are crisp, carry more details and have amazing visual clarity. It is known that the gaming professionals require more pixels for better accuracy. And for them, the monitors with 4K resolution and much higher picture clarity result in better gaming experience and make content consumption seamless.

​​Faster refresh rate for ultra-smooth gaming: The gamers now desire for smooth and detailed gaming visuals. The display monitors with ultra-fast refresh rate of 240 Hz & 144 Hz provide more frames per second (FPS) that lead to better and detailed visuals. Playing fast paced games on PC where more Frames per Second result in to better gameplay experience with more responsive input. These monitors are capable of delivering double the amount of frames than a traditional display thus resulting in zero blurry images, no noise, smooth motion and better response.​

HDMI 2.1 for full performance potential: HDMI 2.1 has the potential to let the gamer enjoy the full performance potential of the gaming devices. It has the bandwidth to handle 4k resolution at a high refresh rate which was earlier not possible with its predecessor HDMI 2.0.  With online gaming garnering serious attention amongst gamers, low resolution or refresh rates are no longer acceptable in competitive gaming. With HDMI 2.0, the serious and dedicated games get the best immersive experience and visual quality that totally stand out.​

Curved and ultra-wide monitors for immersive gaming: The gamers can now choose high-end display monitors which best fit their use. The curved monitors are designed to extend the image in an arc for the ease of eyes and better viewing. It enables the user to view the edges with peripheral vision rather than seeing a flat image. These monitors provide better immersion as the image surrounds ​ the gamer instead of being in front. ​Whereas, the ultra-wide monitors provide better productivity with low fatigue during competitive gaming sessions. These monitors are capable of providing better colour consistency​and are an excellent choice for gaming and multitasking.

The screen and hi-end graphics matter a lot when it comes to serious gaming. These are also important to make the players feel like they are actually inside the game for an immersive experience. The digital technologies are not just making gaming experience more life-like but also enhanced and engaging.

Additionally, gaming is one of the major sectors that use metaverse to offer a next-generation gaming experience to the users. The intention of metaverse is to captivate users and provide them with an outstanding experience, and display technologies have become very crucial in felicitating and the experience that metaverse has to offer. Instead of only a two-dimensional experience, metaverse helps provide the next-level three-dimensional environment where the interaction among users and in-built gaming elements are more personal. Also immersive VR and AR capabilities augmented through AR eye wear and contacts will also revolutionise the experience of gaming.  


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