A thermal camera that measures temp, detects social distancing violations


Coming up with an innovation to help contain the spread of Covid-19, an India technology company has developed a thermal and vision camera which not only measures forehead temperature but also detect face mask and social distancing violations.

Developed by Vehant Technologies, FebriEye is a thermal screening system with additional analytics like face mask and social distance monitoring. It generates alarm in case of any deviations.

The camera is likely to be useful at entrances to events, airports, metro stations, manufacturing plants, buildings, hotels, commercial complexes, shopping malls, and gated societies.

“Using advanced facial detection technique, it detects facial temperature for more accurate measurement and generates an alert when it detects high temperature,” Cherukumalli Rao, General Manager (sales), Vehant Technologies, told IANS.

The camera with AI-based face mask detection and social distance monitoring can generate real-time alerts.

Face mask detection feature uses visible stream from the camera combined with AI techniques to detect and generate an alert for people not wearing face masks. A user-friendly interface allows monitoring and review of alerts generated by the system.

In the fight against the coronavirus, social distancing has proven to be a very effective measure to slow down the spread of the disease.

Rao said this feature can red-flag people not following minimum acceptable social distancing guidelines. Also, an alert will be generated on such violations for administrative authorities to take appropriate action.

Incubated in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Delhi in 2005, Vehant Technologies is a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning-based physical security, surveillance and traffic monitoring and junction enforcement solutions.

Responding to a tweet by the company on Saturday, Telangana’s Minister for Industry and Information Technology K.T. Rama Rao asked Principal Secretary Jayesh Ranjan to look into the innovation.

Asking the company to send him a presentation, the official said this could be useful once the malls, factories, and offices re-open.



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