App developed to locate essential supplies amid lockdown in Bengaluru



With the 21-day Covid lockdown disrupting supply chain since March 25, a city-based techie developed an application (app) to enable the people locate essential supplies in the neighbourhood, said his start-up.

“The app innovated by our techie Kiran Anto, helps customers to get essential supplies safe and secure from the neighbourhood,” said start-up Esper in a statement here.

The app, registered as “Neighbourhood Supply”, alerts its user on the location where essentials are available and guide them to reach the store and avoid panic buy.

“TheAapp works as a platform where citizens can sign up as contributors and list shops or vendors in their locality who have a supply of essentials such as food, medicines and healthcare items like masks, sanitizers,” said the statement.

When essentials are listed, the vendors can update daily on the status of supplies.

“The app also helps to form a network in the locality and lets people know where the essentials are available” said Anto on the occasion.

Esper is a cloud platform that automates application deployment and management for the Android device and application lifecycle.

“Neighbourhood Supply app is an efficient way to locate essentials within one’s locality,” said Esper co-founder and chief operating officer Shiv Sundar on the occasion.

Esper was founded to streamline Android innovation with the hope of serving a greater purpose.

“The app is active in 100 locations across the country, including Karnataka, Kerala and New Delhi,” the statement added.


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