ESDS Software launches AI powered anytime anywhere rapid testing solution AA+ COVID-19


ESDS Software Solution has rolled out its mobile X-ray testing vans that can detect the possibility of COVID-19 in a patient in less than five minutes in the Nashik district and Malegaon to enable suspected patients and hospitals take a decision quickly without losing time which is critical to stop the spread of this virus.

These vans will be moving around in the Nashik district and Malegaon across all three zones (Green, Orange and Red). The aim is to provide door-to-door services across the regions.

AI powered anytime anywhere rapid testing solution AA+ COVID-19 indicates whether the patient is suffering from COVID-19 in less than 5 minutes. We have managed to detect more than 500 asymtomatic patients with 96% accuracy in last 8 days and over 1000 Symtomatic patients with 99% Accuracy. Our solution is a complete contactless testing procedure, where all the health officials have to collect the Chest X-ray reports, upload them on a web browser and just click on the submit button. Post clicking on the submit button, it will quickly indicate whether the patient is suffering from COVID-19 or not.

The other existing tests such as the SWAB test take between four to five days before the results are out which is very time consuming for everyone. SWAB test is recommended only after 5th day from the time of infection, while AA+ Software claims to read X-Ray of a person positively within 24 hours of infection.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Piyush Somani (Founder, CMD & CEO, ESDS) said “The AA+Covid 19 mobile X-ray vans will help us reach patients at short notice and relieve the pressure on the hospitals in Nashik and Malegaon and our accuracy rate is over 96 per cent giving both the patient and the hospital the confidence to take the next steps immediately and stop the chain of transmission.”

He further added, “Both the Nashik and Malegaon Municipal corporations are using this techonolgy and we have also partnered with over 50 hosptials and radiologists in the region. People need not be worried about X-Ray radiation, as we are using new generation Digital X-Ray machines which have much lesser radiation and in India X-Ray machines are very commonly used in Hospitals, it’s my firm belief that, the only way to break the chain of Covid-19 is X-Ray based rapid detection and isolation of the Covid-19 carriers till they test negative’’

ESDS is also inviting partners, NGOs, hospitals & radiologists to collaborate with them and this will help make the techonolgy available to everyone and help in curbing the spread of the disease.


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