Google’s India-specific website on COVID-19 now available in Marathi


Earlier in the week, Google rolled out an India-specific website,  on Coronavirus that delivers comprehensive information about the pandemic, and how to stay productive during this time. The site contains information such as key helpline numbers, content about symptoms, protective measures, known treatments, and the latest global and Indian statistics. It also hosts a collection of videos on how people can use their time productively while at home, as well as resources and training modules for individuals, small businesses, and educators to stay connected and informed, especially when self-isolated at home. The website is currently available in English, Hindi, and Marathi language.

The website has four key sections: Health Information, Safety and Prevention tips, Data & Insights, and Resources. Google continues to work with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to surface authoritative information and updates in the Health Information section including an overview of the virus, its symptoms, prevention, and treatment. The Safety and Prevention Tips section consists of educational and informative links and videos by MoHFW, aiming to convey to people the importance of washing hands, declaring symptoms, and adopting responsible behavior.

The website also carries a snapshot of some of the most popular searches related to Coronavirus, including the Latest coronavirus news, Right way to wash hands, Things to do at home, as well as answers to questions like What is social distancing?, What is a lockdown? or What is self-quarantine?.

The Data & Insights section shows up-to-date insights from Google Trends including some of the most searched and trending questions on COVID-19 from India. The Resources section hosts several useful videos that help parents and kids spend time learning at home, or help people with coping techniques for stressful days, or simply try their hand at new recipes and DIY projects spanning art and fitness.

To help people get up and running for working from home, there are also links to key resources: Individuals will find tips for getting work done when working from home useful, and teachers can connect with their students using resources like Distance learning resources for schools, Teach from Home tools for teachers, and methods to help kids learn to read at home. For entrepreneurs running Small Medium Businesses, there is information on managing their business through uncertainty and training tools for remote working and learning along with the free access to premium Hangouts Meet capabilities.


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